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Jyotisha Traditional Remedial Ratana

Aum bum bhudaya namah

Parnaya * Budha Ratna

Jewels for Mercury


parnaya-ratna * Panna *

green beryl

Budha = malefic or benefic?

When the gem has no effect, Seva will help


75.47 carat (emerald) 13 carats (diamonds)

Hooker Emerald-Diamond Brooch at the National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC - USA

Regional Names for Budha-ratna:

  • harit = a color name, fawn-colored, bay-colored, or greenish-red, often used to describe horses, rivers or grass

  • Greek: smaragdos

  • Latin:esmaralda, smaragdus

  • Old French: esmeraude

  • English:emerald, esmerelda

  • Persian: zumurrud

  • Hindi: panna

  • Azma-garbha * azma-garbhaja

  • Budha-ratna

  • garuda-maanikya * Garudha * garalaari * garutmata

  • Harit-mani * harit-azma * harit-opala = greenish stone = also name for turquoise

  • indranila * also name for blue sapphire

  • loma-saara

  • maha-marakata * marakata * masaara

  • masaaragalvarkamaya * emerald + crystal

  • naathaneela

  • parnaya * to be green

  • rauhineya

  • sauparnya

  • vaajavaala

  • zani-priya *"dear to Saturn" general name for dark-colored stones e.g. blue sapphire and emerald


panna * parnaya photo from emerald expert Mr. Ron Ringsrud

Uparatna = Secondary Gemstones for Budha

  • More Affordable but weaker

  • green peridot

  • green obsidianite

  • chrome-green or green tourmaline

  • tsavorite = green grossularite

  • chrome-green or green diopside

  • green jade * much less effective being aggregate not single crystal; however it is affordable

traditional affordable Rudraksha =

  • 4-faced Seed
  • char-mukhi
4-mukhi = Budha = logical explanations, description, instruction, writing.

Four-faced rudraksha is often assigned as a corrective for astrological afflictions to Budha; to those who can't concentrate; for kids who don't like school.

Ambitious parents might buy a char-mukhi rudraksha to help their child earn a"topper" score in national school exams.

Possible Remedial Effects


Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Hillman Hall of Minerals

Emerald with Diamonds

Note: from a Jyotisha remedial perspective, pure emerald is almost always enhanced and made more efficacious when paired with pure diamonds.

Jyotisha viewpoint = emerald strengthens Budha's gifts of rational thought, counting and calculating, handcraft and tool use; hands, arms and lungs.

Because psycho-emotional conditions form the precursor to physical conditions, on the material plane the Budha-ratna may help to alleviate some discomforts related to lack of accuracy:

  • digits-hands-arms-shoulders (similar to Shukra)

  • irrationality, disorderly communications

  • "digital" functions such as counting, reckoning, enumerating

  • vayu-related disorders such as windiness,"spaciness " (similar to Shani)

  • sibling and team-mate relationships

  • business management


  • logical argument and analysis, publications,

  • mercurial wit, examinations, licensing, cultural education,

  • articulation of word and gesture, hand-craft, tool-use;

  • conversations, planning, scheduling, medical treatment,

  • conflict management, communications, intellectual acuity, calculations and computations,

  • mentality, speed and accuracy of customary daily thoughts;

  • mental plane traffic-management

  • relationship with siblings, team-mates, collaborators, entourage, ensemble performance,

  • conferences and seminars; adult education and skill-based training

  • matters of Budha's domains in the Jyotisha nativity


Emerald is an excellent companion to Mithuna lagna and Kanya lagna nativities.

Not good for Mesha lagna!

Metal setting


Crown Jewels of Iran worn by Farah Diba

Panna_emerald_argentum.png Traditionally in Jyotisha, it is recommended to set Emerald in brass

Because Budha is an inherently dual graha, setting in gold or silver is also OK.

Emerald with Diamond is a popular combination set in platinum.

Although the below photo of Iran's "Farah Diba" in youth does not demonstrate Jyotisha cultural settings designed to touch the skin, it does show the beauty of emeralds paired with diamonds in a platinum base.

Reputable Gem Dealer, emeralds:

Vocabulary for Budha-Ratna

Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon :

Garudamata (garudazman)

  • coming from or sacred or relating to the bird Garuda

  • An emerald


  • relating or belonging to or derived from or treating of or resembling the bird Su-parna

  • the Sauparna hymn [RV] is a Vedic story

    • relating the transformation of the metres into birds

    • that they might fetch the Soma from heaven.

    An emerald; dry ginger

Not recommended

no Budha-ratna for Karkata lagna ( Budha = 3-12 )

no Budha-ratna for Mesha lagna ( Budha = 3-6 )

  • 8-11 Vrizchika (less likely) and 2-11 Simha (more likely) may have exceptions for financial purposes

  • Meena lagna 4-7, and Dhanuzya lagna 7-10 = Budha does suffer kendra-adhipati-dosha but under certain circumstances the panna may be prescribed, for example during Vimshottari period of Budha AND when Budha rules favorable bhava from Chandra]

Budha = malefic or benefic?

B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations. (10th ed., Delhi, 1991, 1947).

"Malefics, Benefics, and Neutrals " p. 6

"Budha is Benefic as ruler of

Neutral as ruler of

He is malefic as ruler of

Dr. G. S. Kapoor.


Gems and Astrology .

Ranjan Publications, New Delhi.

p. 93-95


Emeralds National Museum of Natural History

"Emerald is the gem stone ruled by Mercury.

Emerald will prove very beneficial to those in whose nativities Mercury is the lord of auspicious house.

  • If such a Mercury is badly disposed or is afflicted by conjunction with or aspect by malefics Emerald will neutralise the evil effect of such adverse influences."


Emerald should, as far as possible,

  • be set in a silver ring
  • on a Wednesday.
  • Fridays and Saturdays will also not be inauspicious for this work.

Then after observing the prescribed rituals and reciting the following Mantra 108 times, Aum bum bhudaya namah

  • the ring should be worn in the little finger of the right hand

  • about two hours after Sunrise,

  • on a Wednesday of the bright half of the lunar month.

The weight of Emerald

  • should not be less than 3 carats.

  • Emerald is an expensive stone. Those who cannot afford to buy an Emerald may use any of these substitutes and Aquamarine, Peridot, green zircon, green Agate or Jade; but the Jade which is sold in the market for Rs 1 or Rs 2 a piece is of no use.


  • Emerald and its substitutes should never be worn with Red Coral, Pearl and Yellow Sapphire and their substitutes."

Prepare to Wear

For all remedial gemstones, be sure to cleanse the stone energetically with extreme attention to proper mantra.

Flawless gems are expensive and hard to find. Use only a trusted Vedic-trained gemologist. It might be easiest to start with single gem and combine them as your finances allow.

Quotation from:

Dr. G.S. Kapoor

Gems and Astrology (1994). p 91

" It is very important for all gem stones that before wearing them

  • they should be kept immersed for sometime in unboiled milk or Ganges water.

  • Afterwards the stones should be worshipped with flowers and incense,

  • and the Mantras of the planets should be recited 108 times."

BPL note on Moti-Pearl + Emerald-Panna

Dr. Kapoor's view that Chandra-ratna should not be mixed with ratna for the cool graha is generally quite true. But as always in Jyotisha, each individual nativity is unique and general rules should be adjusted to individual configurations when and if appropriate.

  • Chandra-ratna are available in a yellow-golden cast which appears ivory-toned and which looks nice - and feels nice - when paired with the ruby-citrine-coral group. This is definitely the most comfortable arrangement.

  • Although it is not common to pair pearl with the blue group, Chandra-ratna are also available in a bluish cast which appears sky-toned and which looks nice - and feels nice - when paired with the neelamani-diamond-emerald group.

  • Chandra has no enemies. Chandra is a"bridge" graha who is friendly with both the"hot" group (Guru, Surya, Mangala) and the"cool" group (Budha, Shani, Shukra).

  • If Pearl under the proper circumstances is to be worn simultaneously with a flawless emerald, the Pearl should have a deep, natural blue or green tone

From Chandra's own perspective, Moon has no enemies.

However: Budha, Shukra, Shani, and Rahu-Ketu *all* dislike Chandra

Therefore it could be (theoretically) OK to wear Pearl with Emerald *during the major periods of Chandra*, presuming the two graha are well disposed in the nativity, and presuming that the panna and the mukthi are both flawless and properly set.

It may be preferable to wear Budha-ratna on the left hand and Chandra-ratna in the right hand, or to wear the Pearl as a pendant to touch the 4th chakra while the garudazman is set in a finger-ring of silver, if both stones are to be worn in the same period of life.]

Naturally for such a prescription to be feasible, Chandra and Budha must occupy mutual trines and both should rule good houses from lagna,

For example

regarding Thula lagna, the combination *could be* warranted in adulthood after age 50, depending on the details of the individual nativity. Chandra = karmesha-10 for professional responsibility + Budha = dharmesha-9 for consciousness of the dharma can be harmonized in certain cases.

However one rule which is never good to break = Pearl should never be paired with Ketu-ratna or Rahu-ratna. Such a pairing could place the native in an unstable, arrhythmic state of psycho-emotional 'eclipse'.


I am in the process of buying an Emerald (Panna) as you recommended, and would like to have your advice on these questions:

1. Which shape - Rectangular, Square, Round or Oval?

2. Light colour or dark colour

3. Instead of a gold ring, can I get this made in a platinum ring?


1. any shape is OK. The cutter chooses the best shape to bring out the luster and clarity of the stone. The psychic transmission qualities of the ratna are due to interior purity (few or no cracks, bumps, interruptions). Psychic transmission is not affected by the exterior shape of the ratna.

Therefore any shape chosen by the professional cutter is good. But of course the stone itself must be as free of inclusions as possible. (With emeralds some inclusions are inevitable but as few as possible is best.)

2. this is also according to your taste. Generally if your eye is visually attracted toward a ratna, ask to hold it in the center of your hand for a moment while the seller is watching. Feel the ratna with your palm open, then close the hand over the stone and feel the vibration of the ratna. Try both hands. Give yourself some time to sense the subtlety.

A reputable Jyotisha ratna vendor will always permit the buyer to touch and hold several gems. If after holding several ratna the outcome is that none of the gems is suitable, a non-sale is usually fine with the vendor since they want a successful match just as much as you do. Successful person-to-gem matches make happy customers and that happiness will build the vendor's positive reputation.

Usually the eye's tastes are a good indicator of a ratna that matches your highest thoughts however it is a good idea to use the palm-skin test also.

3. Yes, platinum is OK. Most people who wear emerald will at some point add a diamond or blue sapphire and thus platinum is OK. However if you plan to eventually add a ruby then a gold is required.


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