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Om Grinih Suryaya Namah



Ruby * red corundum

Jewels for Earth's Sun

when the gem has no effect, Seva will help



Van Eyck - Ghent altarpiece "God Almighty" panel; c. 1432-CE

Names for the Ravi-ratna:

  • zona-shona-sou-chu = English"sun"

Mani = "rises up" cognates = Latin monile; German mane, Mahne; English (lion-horse) mane

  • English:Ruby
  • Hindi: Manik
  • Urdu: Surkhh
  • Persian: la'l
  • aruna
  • arun-opala
  • basu-ratna
  • chunni
  • kookbinda
  • kurubilva
  • lakshmi
  • lohit
  • manikya
  • mani-raga
  • padma-raga
  • raga-maanikya
  • ragayuj
  • ratnanayaka
  • ratna-raaja
  • ravi-ratnaka
  • rugal
  • shohn-opol
  • shona-ratna
  • sou-gandhika
  • Surya-kaanta-mani
  • taamra-azman
  • tarala
  • tarani-ratna
  • zona-azman
  • zonit-opala
  • zon-opala
  • zona-ratna

Possible Benefits

  • Surya -ratna

  • Ruby set in Gold

Jyotisha viewpoint = ruby strengthens Surya's gifts of confidence, creativity, and ability to channel Divine Intelligence.

Because psycho-emotional conditions form the precursor to physical conditions, on the material plane the Surya-ratna may help to alleviate some discomforts related to lack of faith:

  • heart and spine

  • depression or despair related to lack of confidence

  • atheism

  • fear of authorities; fear of success; fear of recognition

  • anger toward government or toward politicians

  • pitta-related disorders of over-heating and dryness


  • personal genius, decisiveness, individuality,

  • eyes, speculative ventures, celebration of creativity,

  • brilliance in the performance arts,

  • political power, royal confidence, charisma-charm

  • matters of Surya's bhava in the kundali

In addition to remedial ratna or in most cases as a more affordable and equally useful substitute, activities and practices which can increase awareness of Surya's energetic patterns which are ever-present in daily life. During Vimshottari periods of Surya,

Prefer bright radiant-red clothing and golden ornaments and sowing of flowers producing bright red blooms will have a remedial effect.

Choose to eat red-colored vegetables and legumes

Donations of red and gold ceremonial textiles to qualified places of worship can be highly meritorious.

Charitable service (seva) may be offered on behalf of those who engaged in political, creative, entertaining gaming-gambling, or artistic performance behaviors such as dramatists, political activists, games-players, children of all kinds, poets, romantics, literary creatives, and similar idealistic types. Creativity coaching for brilliant youth may be a wonderful expression of Surya's self-directed heroism if one enjoys working with adolescents.

Seva is often more effective than a ruby gemstone

Also, during periods of Surya, the publication of center-stage, theatrical, game-winning, celebrity imagery such as advertising for youth theatre performance or political events will have a spiritually uplifting effect

Communication with the elemental kingdom, particularly with the spirit of the three flames (solar rays, atmospheric lightning, and earth-fire) may be deeply satisfying and serve to raise conscious awareness of the presence of Professor Surya. Meditate also to be in communication with Surya's antecedents such as Sirius, Antares, and Betelgeuse.

Suitability of Manika * Ruby

Pure ruby set in gold = an excellent companion to Simha lagna and Mesha lagna and Dhanuzya lagna nativities.

Not good for Meena-Antya, Makara-Draco, or Kanya-Parthya !

Metal Setting for Manika * Ruby



Uparatna = Secondary Gemstone for Manika * Ruby

  • More Affordable but weaker

  • red spinel * red garnet * red tourmaline = rubellite


Surya uparatna red garnet

When Ruby is not recommended, Surya- targeted Seva can correct imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of Ravi For certain lagna, Surya is not eligible for improvement via remedial ratna.

Lagna for which Ruby is generally not recommended (albeit there are some exceptions) include:

  • Surya dhanapati-2 marana-karaka for Karkata lagna
  • Surya bhratrupathi-3 for Mithunaya lagna
  • Surya rogesha-6 for Meena-Antyalagna
  • Surya yuvatipathi-7 marana-karaka for Kumbha lagna
  • Surya rules-8 for Makara-Dracolagna
  • Surya ruler-of-12 for Kanya-Parthyalagna

For these lagna, instead of remedial ratna, remedial Seva is recommended. During Surya periods, undertake meritorious Seva to benefit fathers (Surya) and men of fathering age, most adult males except the very elderly (Shani).

Surya-targeted Seva involves providing illumination through brighter eyesight -- for example, donating to charities that support eye health.

Surya-Seva may also be offered via helping others to exercise their political rights -- for example, helping citizens to establish their credentials (Surya, credibility) to express their political will (Surya) by voting in organized elections.

Surya-targeted Service can take many brilliant forms, including:

  • voter registration
  • political empowerments for everyone
  • teaching about political philosophies
  • providing guidance or counseling about political matters
  • assistance to enlightened politicians or kings or dramatists
  • help with community theatre
  • help a struggling actor
  • men's health initiative
  • any type of charitable aid to one's own father or fatherly men in one's family
  • positive fathering support such as facilitating men's fellowship meetings where fathering is discussed and promoted
  • eye examinations for everyone (men, women, and children)
  • eye surgeries
  • eyesight devices
  • helping families to get more light into their home or school
  • helping families to get more heat into their home or school

... all of these are Surya-splendid forms of Seva that can be much more remedially effective than any gem.

Ravi = malefic or benefic?

B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations (10th ed., Delhi, 1991, 1947)."Malefics, Benefics, and Neutrals " p. 5":

"The Sun

He is benefic as ruler of 1, 4, 7, 10, 5 and 9

He is neutral as ruler of 2, 12 and 8

He is malefic as ruler of 3, 6 and 11,

Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon :


"At 23.10 carats, the Carmen Licia Ruby is the largest faceted ruby in the National Gem Collection and one of the finest large, faceted Burmese rubies known. This natural ruby possesses a combination of outstanding characteristics."

From the Smithsonian Gem Gallery

Maniva, Mani

  • a jewel, gem, pearl, any ornament or amulet, globule, crystal [RV]

  • a magnet, loadstone

  • glans penis

  • of the jewel-lotus prayer

  • clitoris

  • the hump (of a camel)

  • the dependent fleshy excrescences on a goat's neck

  • thyroid cartilage

  • the wrist

  • a large water-jar

  • name of various wks. and a collection of magical formulas


  • making light, shining, glittering, bright

  • the sun

  • fire

  • A hero

  • Calotropis Gigantea

  • gold

  • A kind of breach (made by thieves in a wall)

  • the son of the god of the sun

  • A ruby

  • possessing a sun, of a hymn to the sun

  • name of the 7th day in the light half of the month Magha

  • A partic. kind of headache

Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with traces of iron, titanium and chromium

  • white sapphire = white corundum

  • blue sapphire = blue corundum

  • ruby = red corundum

Natural Corundum colors include

  • Colorless, gray, brown; pink to blood-red, orange, yellow, green, blue to light-purple-blue, violet;

  • may be color zoned,"star-sapphire"asteriated

  • mainly grey and brown


from Dr. G.S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 78:


  • Gender
  • Caste
  • Tint
  • Defects and Blemishes

"Ruby has also four castes or classes.

  • The Brahmin Ruby is of Rosy colour.

  • The Kshatriya Ruby is red like a red lotus flower.

  • The Vaishya Ruby has the colour of the seeds of pomegranate or pigeon's blood.

  • The Shudra Ruby has a blackish or bluish hue and has no radiance.

One who wears a Ruby which is unblemished, that is,

which is smooth in touch, clean, of good color and water, has lustre, brilliance and radiance,

  • is blessed with children, acquires, wealth and property, becomes prosperous and accumulates precious Gems.

  • He is protected from fear, afflictions, sorrow and disasters.

  • He becomes fully virile and his will-power and spirit is strengthened.

  • He becomes fortunate and occupies a high and respected position in the society.

A blemished and defective Ruby brings many troubles for the wearer.

  • If the stone is dull the wearer's brother gets into distress.

  • The milky stone destroys the cattle.

  • Double coloured is native and his father.

  • The stone with a red sign causes quarrels and disputes.

  • Smoky stone attracts the attack of lightening.

  • The stone with four spots or signs creates fear from wounds and weapons.

If it is dusty in colour

  • it is the cause of stomach disorders and childlessness.

If there are white, black or honey coloured sprinklings on the stone,

  • the native is defamed

  • and there is less of longevity, wealth and comforts.

If there is a depression on the stone,

  • the wearer suffers from ill health and loses vitality and stamina.

If the stone is full of flaws of many kinds it may bring death

It is also believed that if the stone loses its colour,

  • the wearer is about to become victim of some distress or disaster.

It regains its color when the trouble is averted or is over.

It is also said that Ruby fades in colour

  • by being put close to any poisonous substance."

Dr. G.S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology. Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 90-91:

"Ruby is the gem stone ruled by Sun.

Therefore, if in a birth chart, Sun rules an auspicious house, it will be useful for the native to wear Ruby.

Ruby should also be worn if an auspicious Sun is afflicted or is not well placed in the birth chart....

Rituals :

  • The Ruby to be worn should be at least 2-l/2 carats in weight and should not have Inauspicious flaws...

It should be got set

  • in a ring of gold mixed with copper on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday.

  • This ring should be a touching ring so that the stone touches the skin. The ring should be worn as soon as possible after Sunrise on a Sunday of the bright half of the lunar month.

It is very important for all gem stones that before wearing them they should be kept immersed for sometime in unboiled milk or Ganges water.

Afterwards the stones should be worshipped with flowers and incense, and the Mantras of the planets should be recited 108 times.

Om Grinih Suryaya Namah.

The ring should be worn in the ring (third) finger.

The Ruby is a very expensive gem stone.

  • Those who cannot afford to purchase a Ruby, can use any of the following substitutes Red Spinel, Star Ruby, Pyrope Garnet, Red Zircon or Red Tourmaline.

It should, however, be noted that

  • Ruby or its substitutes should never be worn with Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Gomedha and Cat's Eye and their substitutes."

For all remedial gemstones, be sure to cleanse the stone energetically with extreme attention to proper mantra.

Flawless gems are expensive and hard to find. Use only a trusted Vedic-trained gemologist. It might be easiest to start with single gem and combine them as your finances allow.

Subject: Question : Debilitated Surya

Namaste Barbara!

I recently came across your website and found your articles to be

extremely informative. Although I am not quite well-versed in

Jyotisha, I enjoy browsing your articles.

I have a question. In your article on Surya-Vanika, you say that

Surya is not good in Thula but if it is rescued by neechabhanga, then

it will not give negative effects. But in your article on debilitated

planets, you say that a debilitated planet has nil rays.

So would it

be advisable for a person with neechabhanga Surya-Vanika to wear a

ruby gemstone to increase confidence, alleviate heart troubles and

improve eyesight?

Thank you.


Thanks for your note about manika-ratna for nichha-Surya. From knowing only one graha in the nativity, it is not possible to prescribe a remedial ratna .

Ratna prescription must be based upon an assessment of the entire kundali, with consideration of the radical lagna, the chandra lagna, and the vimshottari dasha.

For example, when Simha governs the radical lagna, it could be recommended (depending on the current mahadasha) to apply a flawless ruby in order to strengthen the personality confidence and improve business management skills.

By contrast, when Meena rules the radical lagna, Surya-Thula becomes the ripu-pathi lord of 6, whose low self-confidence may produce jealousy and frustration. Despite the fact that Surya-Thula-8 would create a viparita harsha yoga in that case, a ruby to amplify the narrative of Surya should not be prescribed because a ruby would amplify Surya's narrative of jealousy and frustration.

However in that particular case, an exception may be considered for those in health-care professions and others working in conscious Seva.

Those who serve the suffering do not themselves suffer unduly, and thus those who serve the jealous or who serve the frustrated in professions of medicine, or law, or military, or religious counseling et-cetera may be eligible to wear a flawless Ruby set in gold.

I hope this small example helps to clarify why a ratna prescription must be based on assessment of the complete nativity.

Wishing you every happiness in life and success in your Jyotisha studies,


BP Lama Jyotisha


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