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Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher

fleshbirth 13-Oct-1925

fleshdeath 08-Apr-2013 (age 87)

kala-sarpa yoga Ghataka

"I'm extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."


UK-PM 1979-1990 * Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher 1925-2013

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs, and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star software * adapted by BP Lama

born on day-11 Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity


  • QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 98

BPL commentary: For Anuradha natives, the disposition of Professor Shani considerably affects the outcome. Elder persons, old rules, and hierarchical officials may be especially influential.


"A gay and fun-loving type, clever and witty .

She will always be surrounded by an admiring circle of friends

  • and her popularity will cause envy and malice

  • among those who are not included in this circle.

Her married and domestic life

  • will be very happy.

She will be devoted to her family and faithful to her husband,

unless the Seventh House of the Life Chart is badly afflicted.

  • In which case, although she loves her husband, some misunderstanding will result in a divorce."

Biographical events matched to the Vimshottari Dasha timeline


Ketu Mahadasha * age birth until age 03

13-Oct-1925 fleshbirth * Ketu-Mangala period

Zukra Mahadasha * age 03 until 23 *

1943 begins diploma study at Somerville College, Oxford (1943-47) * Zukra-Shani period * Shani bandesha-4 education

Surya Mahadasha * age 23 until 29

  • atmakaraka

13-Dec-1951 marriage (age 26) * Surya-Guru * Guru rules navamsha-1 * samchara Rahu-Ketu via Kumbha-Simha contact radical Chandra-Simha

15-Aug-1953 birth of her twin children (age 27) * Surya-Budha period * Budha Vriddhipathi-11 achievements

1953 qualified as barrister, specializing in taxation * Surya-Shani period * Shani rules 4-licensure

Chandra Mahadasha * age 29 until 39

1958 elected to Parliament (served 1958-1990) * Chandra-Rahu period

07-Dec-1960 decease of Mother * Chandra-Shani period * Shani matrimaraka ruler of 7th-from-Chandra

Mangala Mahadasha * age 39 until 46

10-Feb-1970 decease of Father * Mangala-Ketu period

1970 Conservatives return to office under the premiership of Edward Heath,. Thatcher achieves cabinet rank as Education Secretary * Mangala-Zukra period * Zukra yuvatipathi -7 career, negotiation, partnerships

Rahu Mahadasha * age 46 until 64

04-May-1979 * Thatcher becomes UK Prime Minister, breaking through long-standing cultural barriers of class and gender * Rahu-Shani period * Shani ruler of 7th-from-Chandra

spring 1982 Thatcher achieves tremendous popularity for her aggressive handling of Falklands War * Rahu-Budha period * Budha rules 12-distant lands * Budha rules Mangala-12 fighting in distant lands

Oct-1984 Attempted Irish Republican Army (IRA) assassination comes very close; many of her colleagues among the wounded and dead in a Brighton hotel. * Rahu-Zukra period * Zukra rules 8-conditions of death (but not timing of death)

28-Nov-1990 end of UK-PM tenure but stands again for election to backbench * Rahu-Mangala chidradasha

Guru Mahadasha * age 65 until 81

1992 retired from active politics * Guru-Guru swabhukti * Guru rules 6-dissolution of contract (also beginning of health issues)

26-June-2003 death of husband Dennis (his age 88) * Guru-Mangala period * Mangala yuvatipathi-7 from 7

Shani mahadasha * age 81 until 88

08-Apr-2013 fleshdeath (age 87) * Shani-Ketu period

Distinctive Features of the Nativity



Surya * pitrikaraka

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

Raja yoga combination: drishti from vidyapathi Guru upon dharmapathi Chandra

Shani-Thula * uttama



randhresha-8 randhresha in Bhava 12 * Viparita Raja-Yoga * Sarala Yoga

Mangala is weakened by combustion (asta) being only 10 degrees away from Surya

Chandra rules Rahu in 12th-from-Chandra-10

karmasthana Surya-11 has the power to propel Mrs. Thatcher into high positions of political responsibility.

Although she only briefly practiced the science of chemistry, young Margaret Roberts received a superior research education including scientific skills training under a Nobel-prize winning female professor. * bandesha-4 Shani uttama in 12 research.

Her husband Denis Thatcher was a wealthy businessman with a strong public-relations spin identity based in his international military service in WW-2, followed by his lifelong involvement in voluntary military service and rugby sport. * dhava-karaka Guru-2 receives drishti of Mangala-11 AND drishti of uttama-Shani-12

1970's. Margaret Thatcher did not enjoy being Education Minister. Her Education tenure extended through early 1970s student radicalism and rough-riding, adversarial British politics at its most unpleasant. Government supported Education seemed to be moving inescapably leftward, against her positively determined conservative guidance. She became greatly unpopular in the press and her speeches were heckled by protestors. * Mangala Mahadasha * age 39-46 * Mangala rogesha-6 adversaries


two great friends and "ideological soul-mates"

Mrs. Thatcher and POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan in 1989


Mrs. Thatcher shaking hands with SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela. She once acted to ensure that Mr. Mandela would remain in prison despite international pressure toward his release. The reasoning based on USA-CIA intelligence was that Mr. Mandela was a dangerous Communist Agent.

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