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Commerce and Material Economy



Seal of POTUS since 1960 * 50 stars

POTUS-36 * served 22-Nov-1963 until 20-Jan-1969

"Ambition, Communication, Domination, Contracts"

1960-1963 USA Vice President under

1949-1961 USA Senator from Texas

1937 - 1948 USA Congressman from Texas = five-and-a-half terms, six elections

briefly worked as elementary and high-school teacher; as a politician, specialized in civil protections and educational issues

preceded by:

succeeded by:

received counsel of close personal friend:

married to:

Only four people, including LBJ, have served in all four top elected USA federal offices: Congress-Representative, Senator, Vice President, and President



Lyndon Baines Johnson

fleshbirth Thursday-27-Aug-1908

fleshdeath 22-Jan-1973

Claudia "Ladybird" Johnson

fleshbirth 22-Dec-1912

fleshdeath 11-July-2007


White House painting of Claudia "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson, 1965


POTUS-36 * served 1963-1968 * Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908-1973

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativity


  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 84

BPL commentary: high forehead. the condition of Guru will considerably affect the outcome


"... Aggressiveness and impatience.

These people are overbearing in their desire to get things done.

They are very active but not popular,

  • since their manner causes people to actively dislike them

  • and to resent their extreme aggressiveness.

they are very proud

  • and because of this, they take offense easily at some fancied slight.

their anger makes enemies of people who might cooperate with them, if treated differently.

they will overcome their enemies through sheer force of character,

  • but such people will still remain enemies .

Tact and kindness are qualities which they should try to develop."

Biographical details matched to Vimshottari Dasha


Surya Mahadasha

Chandra Mahadasha

Mangala Mahadasha

17-Nov-1934 = marriage-1 * Mangala-Rahu * samchara Rahu-Ketu-Makara-Karkata * contact swamsha

Oct-1937 fleshdeath of his father (Lyndon's age 29) * Mangala Budha period * Budha rules 2nd-from-Surya

Rahu Mahadasha

19-Mar-1944 first live child born ten years after the marriage contract was signed. Daughter Linda * Rahu-Guru period

02-July-1955 = massive heart attack * Rahu-Zukra periodZukra rules maraka-2... almost. Samchara Rahu-Ketu via Dhanuzya-Mithunaya crossing his D-1 and D-9 nodal axes - a huge change event.

1958 fleshdeath of his mother (Lyndon's age 49) * Rahu-Chandra period * Chandra rules 12th-from-Chandra

Guru Mahadasha


22-Nov-1963 (age 53) * assassination of POTUS-35 John F. Kennedy * Guru-Budha period * Budha rules 8-sudden change of identity.

22-Jan-1973 = flesh-death, cardiac arrest (age 64) * Guru-Rahu period, chidra-dasha * Rahu gives effect of yuvatipathi-7 Zukra.

Distinctive Features of the Nativity

Surya * pitrikaraka


Surya karmesha rules-10 and Surya combines forces with Chandra, Kuja, Budha, and Guru

Lyndon Johnson graduated from teacher's college. For one year before entering politics he taught in an impoverished rural school.

Except for that single year working as a schoolteacher, Johnson served society as a politician running for elected office for his entire working life.

Never appointed, always elected. Simha elections.

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

22-Nov-1963 (age 53) * assassination of POTUS-35 John F. Kennedy * Guru-Budha period * Budha rules 8-sudden change of identity.

Johnson immediately assumes the highest office (10) of presidency, and order is resumed with little chaos or shock, as if those who would be empowered by Kennedy's death were well prepared. Johnson is suspected but never exposed (Rahu-masked-in-8) as a knowledgeable participant in the conspiracy to murder Kennedy.

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Values and Equality * Zukra

Educated at the plebian State Teachers College, he remained committed to expansion of educational opportunity throughout his political career . He switched from conservative segregationist platform to become a legendary supporter of civil rights .

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Like most nativities with Shani-5, Johnson had heart issues not only physical but also psycho-emotional. Shani rules 6th-from Simha therefore Shani occupies the awkward shad-ashtaka 6/8 angle from Surya, 6/8 from Chandra, 6/8 from Mangala, 6/8 from Guru and 6/8 from Budha. The heart is where he stored conflict and resistance "stop" energy. When the stop materialized at the physical level the amount of conflict-and-resistance involved was colossal. Recovery was long and painful; however he would live for another Rahu-cycle of 18 years, until Rahu created the fatal heart-attack when Rahu returned to Dhanushya in Jan-1973.

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka Ketu in 5th-from-Chandra (emotional heart)


POTUS-36 partner * served 1963-1968 * Mrs. Claudia Alta Taylor "Ladybird" Johnson 1912-2007

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity


  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 95

BPL commentary: For Uttaraphalguni natives, the condition of Surya considerably affects the outcome

"A joyous healthy disposition yet quietly so.

  • She has a very soft pleasing voice,

  • bubbling over with fun and humor.

She is born to a family with social background

and loves to mingle with her friends in various social activities

  • yet she is not frivolous,

  • but beneath her joyous manner, rather serious minded.

She has fixed principles from which she will not deviate.

She prefers to choose her friends

  • from among the people who are artistically inclined and cultured.

She is efficient and adept at managing her home and her domestic life."

Biographical details matched to Vimshottari Dasha

22-Dec-1912 fleshbirth

17-Nov-1934 = marriage-1 = Mangala-Guru * Guru rules navamsha-1 * samchara Rahu-Ketu-Makara-Karkata

19-Mar-1944 first live child born ten years after the marriage contract was signed. Daughter Linda * Rahu-Guru period

11-July-2007 fleshdeath

Marriage = Rahu-Ketu * Ketu-Rahu

Lyndon Johnson was legally married only once. His life partner was Lady Bird Claudia Taylor who lived for 94 years, from 22-Dec-1912 until 11-July-2007.

Ladybird had a frenetic life while Lyndon was alive. She lived in the center of political power while simultaneously managing her own dynamic tele-communications businesses. She experienced the political reactions and the chaos of a nation after assassination of President Kennedy (in which she may have been complicit) the Vietnam War, and racially charged civil unrest.

However she was able to spend the final 34 years of her life in contemplative widowhood and luxurious wealth.

possible reincarnation of POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant


LadyBird Johnson, 1934 Alabama

Surya * pitrikaraka

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

Her Surya-yuti-Guru in Mula nakshatra match the Mula- swamsha of her Alakshmi husband.

The marriage proposal was said to be sudden, impulsive and insistent. A now or never offer was extended to Ladybird early in the day. The legal contract and the church ceremony were completed by evening of the same day.

The personal-professional match: Ladybird Johnson's Chandra-yuti-Shani Vrishabha matches Lyndon's 7th bhava - definitely a strong marital bond - but also Vrishabha matches his 6th navamsha.

Although her Rohini Chandra needed adoring attention from her husband, she often had to accept negative attention such as criticism and complaint due to her Chandra matching his 6th navamsha.

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

Biographical details matched to Vimshottari dasha timeline

From a financially privileged, conservative Texas family, Claudia Taylor was a business genius who financed his political career. Before marriage, "Lady-Bird" Taylor had earned a teaching certificate plus a BA in journalism from Univ Texas Austin. She and Lyndon were both teachers as were both of Lyndon's parents. She was quite highly educated for a woman of her day and her southern social class, making her a tremendous asset for Lyndon.

His political, dhanakaraka dhanapati-2 + vidyapathi-5 Guru in the fortunate and helpful 9th-from-7th, surrounded by Chandra-Surya-Budha-Mangala. Her contribution to his career was huge, although he being Rahu to her Ketu, was unable to understand her importance and often belittled her in public.

However being her Ketu to his Rahu, she seemed to always be watching him. Ladybird told interviewers after Lyndon's death that she was so much fascinated with his passionate, ambitious personality that she accepted whatever he chose to do (Ketu).

Ladybird Johnson's nativity features Chandra-Vrishabha + Shani-nishturabhashi vs. Mangala-Vrizchika = a highly empowered variety of Chandra-Mangala yoga in bhava-1. This marriage partnership developed an extraordinary hoard of treasury .

Yet Johnson's biographers agree that he was systematically abusive toward his loyal wife. Ketu-7 accepts drishti of Shani, which can be a bit harsh. Yet one is loyal to the legal contract with Shani-7-navamsha. It was a materially profitable partnership but Lyndon Johnson died from heart-attack before he could enjoy the wealth. Ladybird on the other hand had uninterrupted comfort and luxury for 34 years.

Taboo Pleasures * Rahu-Zukra * ruler-of-12 bedroom

Johnson maintained several mistresses and produced"love children" (said to be at least two) However he also disregarded these children (ketu-5-from-Chandra).Johnson_Lyndon_Squeeze_1961.jpg

yuvatipathi-7 Guru mixed with t the lords of 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, and 11 = many and boasted-about sexual (7) relationships.

"Bird"as he called her was one of many mates. Yet she was his business partner and his major funding source in the early days, as well as the public face of his family life.

Lyndon Johnson was known for conducting his numerous extramarital affairs quite publicly. His behavior included occasionally insulting Ladybird very rudely. More normally he indulged in making demeaning comments behind her back, and effectively excluded the educated and financially privileged Mrs. Johnson from most key career decisions during his long and ambitious career.

Social friends of the couple say they often felt sorry for Bird due to Lyndon's cavalier behavior toward her. Yet for her part, she claimed to love Lyndon and was sure that he loved her too despite his indiscretions on a large scale. (Her Ketu.) Her father had married three times and she was accustomed to many amours in the house.


Johnson and USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King at a meeting of Civil Rights leaders in 1964 (Oval Office)


1924 Lyndon Johnson High School Senior Portrait

Prominent Features of the Nativity

remarkable plethora of graha accompanying Chandra, including

the lords of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 = Surya + Guru-yuti-Budha + Mangala.

lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-10 * dig-bala * urge to govern, regulate, decide

Rahu + Zukra * high-rolling luxury-loving, oily-gassy

atmakaraka conversation-loving, luxury-loving Mithunaya Zukra is much amplified by oily, smoky Rahu. Johnson loved to socialize in the various Dallas and Austin private clubs, where he met his friends and lovers. Rahu in Karakamsha Mithuna-8 would much increase material fortunes on the basis of hidden conversational and sexual relationships. His friends were mainly in the publishing, advertising, and communications businesses including public relations and campaign management. These are by nature, people who like to talk. Jack Ruby * Rubenstein , who shot the man accused of shooting Kennedy (LH Oswald) was an operator of clubs favored by Johnson. His friendships (Vriddhipathi-11 Budha is also randhresha-8 ) were often unseen but were nonetheless exciting and filled with intrigue.

ruler-of-12 Zukra in occupation of Randhra Bhavaproduces a protective Viparita Raja Yoga = Vimala Yoga . Johnson was implicated in many crimes and indiscretions - much of it happening in hotel rooms (12) -- but he was never caught or formally accused.

An extraordinary (Rahu) negotiator (Zukra) in confidential (8) settings

Johnson worked with adversarial forces of the Civil Rights movement to craft a historically viable, equitable method of legislating (Shani) fair treatment for the marginalized classes.

Zukra rules dhanapathi-values-treasuries Purvaphalguni Chandra = wealth via dhanapati-2 in 3

Purvaphalguni Chandra = ruled by Zukra, treasures and pleasures Zukra-Mithunaya for communications media and Rahu-01 = oil

Commerce + Politics * Simha bhava-3

Ladybird was a highly capable businesswomen who built a fortune in the communications industry . She bought a small radio station and built up a cartel. It consisted primarily of radio and television but also war-related sonar and signaling systems.

Johnson had served as head of the naval reserve and saw active naval duty during the WW-2 ocean battles. He understood military communications. Due to his ongoing roles with NASA (communications and short-term travel, bhava-3) he understood space program budgets too. The Vietnam War buildup and NASA expansion offered prime opportunities to expand his commercial interests.

His intense concentration of graha in bhava-3 shows the mixing of politics-Simha and communications business via the lords of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 in sahaja-bhava.

During the 1960's Johnson's companies significantly controlled the radio-TV signal delivery network in Texas. Through companies held in trust under his wife's maiden name of which the public knew almost nothing, via commercially advantageous legislation passed by him and latterly via wartime contracts, Johnson became one of the richest men in the USA, although the extent of his wealth was known to only a few.

Character of Expedience * Rahu

vidyapathi-5 Zukra in lagna with amplifer Rahu. Johnson has been called a "pathological winner". He is said to have exhibited an intense need for power. He notoriously lied in college and outright stuffed ballot boxes to win US Senate election in the famous "box 13" elections fraud (chala-karaka Rahu-1)

A consummate dealmaker (Zukra-1; also Punarvasu-Mithuna portion) famed for forcing consensus in warring party factions, he was renowned for his domineering personality and the "Johnson treatment," his coercion of powerful politicians in order to advance legislation." (wikipedia).


rogesha-6 Mangala is deeply mixed-up with the lords of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, and 11 in the intensely political bhava-3. Johnson is said to have had a violent temper. He was on the verge of being indicted by Congress in connection with multiple Texas money-murders at the time of the JFK assassination during his Rahu-Surya period that hyper-charged Johnson's power-politics bhava-3.

Despite having become a multi-millionaire by his early forties, Johnson thought of himself as a poor man from a hard-scrabble background who had to be shrewd to win. He is said to have harbored a jealous hatred of the rich and privileged playboy JFK while nevertheless maintaining a surface professional working relationship (Zukra-1 harmonizer).

Although he won POTUS-36 election by the largest margin in history ( a nation desperate for continuity and stability in time of massive internal upheaval) his brilliant start ended in crushing defeat: left office in humiliation, as Vietnam War spun out of control in 1968. Involved as he was right from the beginning of his career with Texas oligarchy, Johnson is accused of dragging out the Vietnam War in part because of inextricable high-profit contracts with major Texas weapons manufacturers and oil interests.

Johnson is also implicated in the predominant conspiracy scheme to arrange multiple snipers for the execution of the president and subsequent silent coup d'état. However Mr. Johnson does not have the nativity of a murderer. It is more likely that via the complex web of his business interests (bhava-3) Johnson became instrumental (Rahu-1) to those who organized the killing.


series of heart attacks. Third one was fatal. Ketu in 5th-from-Chandra takes drishti of Shani.


27-August-1908 near Stonewall, Texas * no time of birth stated


Lyndon Johnson and LadyBird Johnson in the Whitehouse, 1965

~~ B.V. Raman , A Catechism of Astrology. p. 31

... Saravali ascribes the following results:...

When Saturn occupies Sagittarius or Pisces, and is aspected by Mars,

he will be attacked by severe gout, will be despised by people ,

will live in foreign countries, and will be miserly and poor .


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