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Ulster-Scots Dissenter American


preceded by

succeeded by

married to:

  • Ellen "Nell" Herndon Arthur


Chester Alan Arthur in 1881, wearing the fashionable sideburns of his day.

In 1881, Arthur had been recently widowed and was soon to to become POTUS-21, after the assassination of POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield.


POTUS-21 * 1881-1885

Port of New York Customs Collector

Chester A. Arthur

a.k.a. Chester Alan Arthur

Earthbody-Entry 05-Oct-1829

Earthbody-Exit 18-Nov-1886 (age 57)


Famed Singer

Ellen "Nell" Herndon Arthur

Earthbody-Entry 30-Aug-1837

Earthbody-Exit 12-Jan-1880 (age 42)


POTUS-21 from 1881 until 1885 * Chester A. Arthur * 1829-1886

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativity

Anuradha * Maitra

BPL commentary:

For Anuradha natives, the influence of rigid, chronological, lawful, enduring strictly structural sober serious systematic Shani considerably affects the outcome.

Elder persons, old rules, rigid structures, age and time, resistance to change, status hierarchies, social class barriers, large organizations, public opinion, bureaucracies, regulatory requirements, legal systems, and corporate or institutional officials may be especially influential.

Instruction from the guardians of the civilizations of Gisgan-gusura.

Anuradha is about imposing order after chaos. They have a special gift for threat reduction. After the explosive Shock of Visaka-Radha, Anuradha does triage. Anuradha mitigates terror. Anuradha imposes mandatory compliance.

Maitra-born are found in emergency centers, disaster response control rooms, high-risk insurance, elite rescue operations, military explosives testing, hazardous materials management, controlled substance regulation.. Maitra are often the bridge-builders following a social scandal or fight. They maintain order in dangerous conditions via war policy, catastrophe planning, epidemic and famine response, and emergency governance regimes such as martial law. Being Shani-ruled, they are naturally suited to legislative and executive roles in government.

Themes of risk regulation, damage control , and orderly response to traumatic shock may contextualize the terrestrial experience of Anusham.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 85
"Usually robust and healthy,
  • yet the native of Anuradha gets very little enjoyment out of life.
Probably because he consciously strives after happiness
  • but with continual discontent and bitterness in his heart.
He has a deep secretive nature
  • and because of his attitude and outlook on life, he is somewhat unscrupulous .
"a sweet tongue but poison in the heart" aptly characterizes him."

Biographical details matched to Vimshottari Dasha Timeline

Zukra Mahadasha

05-Oct-1829 Earth-birth * Zukra-Surya period

Surya Mahadasha

Chandra Mahadasha

1854 received Law License * Chandra-Rahu period

25-Oct-1859 Marriage * Chandra-Zukra period

1861 child-1 * Chandra-Surya period * Surya dharmesha-9 from Chandra

Mangala Mahadasha

Rahu Mahadasha

Jan-1869 decease of Mother * Rahu-Rahu swabhukti

Oct-1875 decease of Father * Rahu-Shani period * Shani rules-7 from 9

12-Jan-1880 decease of wife Nell Hearndon (her age 42, his age 51) * Rahu-Ketu period

July-1881 POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield fatally wounded by gunshot * Rahu-Zukra period * atmakaraka Zukra rules 10th navamsha * Zukra yuti randhresha-8 Budha sudden shock

20-Sept-1881 * receive the Oath of Office becoming POTUS-21 upon the death of POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield * Rahu-Zukra period * Zukra rules 10th navamsha * Zukra rules bhava-7 10th-from-10th

Guru Mahadasha

18-Nov-1886 Earthbody-Exit (age 57, kidney disease) * Guru-Guru swabhukti

Distinctive Features of the Nativity

Shani-Karkata + Mangala-Kanya

Guru in Vrizchika * Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala


Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

  • Surya-Kanya * Poshanya * Pushna * the nourisher
  • Surya in bhava-11 * center of community, brightly earning, intelligence for networks, focus on economy, revenue entitlements, distributed light, eye on friendships
  • Surya-yuti-Kuja * confidently progressive, bright warrior, entitled to conquer, radiantly pioneering
  • Surya-yuti-Rahu * confidently opportunistic, bright mesmerizer, entitled to mix and mottle, radiantly risk-rewarding

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

  • Chandra-Dhanuzya * comforted by rhythmic catechesis of belief
  • Chandra in Purva-azadha * comforted by valued beliefs * protectors of inspirational music, philosophical harmony, expansively beautiful design

  • Chandra in classroom-2 * comfort in collections, familiar with history, soothed by stories, storage, history, languages, lineage knowledge, routine restoration of knowledge, undulating voice, speech, song

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

  • Mangala-Kanya * vigorous pursuit of logical argumentation * proactive medication * thrust toward service, push toward unfairness
  • Mangala in bhava-11 * drive toward connectivity, pursuit of earnings, , marketplace dynamics, invasive networking, energized economic conquests
  • Kuja-yuti-Surya * energized confidence, dynamic genius, masculine force joins willful charm, potential for aggressive political or dramatic actions
  • Kuja-yuti-Rahu * energized pretense, dynamic desires, masculine force joins opportunistic ambition, potential for aggressive pursuit of privileges

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

  • Budha-Thula * articulation of contracts, equable arrangements, balanced designs, agreeable pronouncements, messages about negotiation and parity
  • Budha in bhava-12 * narrative of sanctuary, quietude, research, contemplation, describer of astral inner terrain, explainer of spiritual guidance, delivers instructions for distant worlds
  • Budha-yuti-Zukra * articulation of equity in agreements, message of justice and fairly bargained contracts; songwriting , talkative sister-cousin-cohort

rules the emotionally motivated, social-ordering, leadership-seeking; 10th-from-Chandra suggesting an administrative, managerial career

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

  • Guru-Vrizchika * much mystery, many discoveries, believes in transformation, many masks, hidden doctrine
  • Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala * much vitality, numerous identities, much jovial competition, may signal expansive aura, height, or girth

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

  • Zukra-Vanika * swakshetra * appreciation of negotiation, pleasures of harmonious arrangements, enjoys equity, aesthetic of the fair deal
  • Zukra-12 * pleasure of imagination, enjoys spiritually guided equity, feminine-figures intuit and envision, appreciation of interiority
  • Zukra-yuti-Budha * gracious conversation, articulate beauty, melodious words, sweetly communicative messaging

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

  • Shani-Karkata * old routines, old defenses, pressured stomach, imposed protection, proletarian cultural roots, must shelter with scarce resources
  • Shani in Bhava-9 * must preach the old doctrine, old paradigms of belief; punitive, unyielding ideologies, cautious, conventional father-figures; tense and fearful religious teachers, chronic rigidity of worldview; heavy pressure against freely chosen convictions

From Chandra-Dhanuzya lagna, sober serious structured hierarchical Shani rules

  1. the emotionally-motivated traditionalism, family lineage conserving, treasure-preserving, language-and-history collecting, acquisitive genetic conservation of 2nd-from-Chandra
  2. the emotionally motivated information-delivering, evangelical, publishing, announcing, script-reading, reporting, conversational, process-managing communications of 3rd-from-Chandra

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Kanya *craving for crime * mask of exploitation, argument, medicine, addiction, humble service ministry; fascinated by servitude, injustice, illness * seeks special importance via medicine, remediation, via apparent (but perhaps not authentic) victim-narrative
  • Rahu in bhava-11 * in Roguish Rahu's swabhava co-ruled with Sober Shani ,* the Shadowy Specter seeks privilege via glamorous or unusual social goals and economic attainments. Desires a special, important, linkage role in social participation and financial networks. Exciting, opportunistic, ambitious friends. Craves profit and gain. Thrives in culturally-mixed commodity-exchange systems. Rahu the Poseur may pose as a friend, a voluntary linker, an economic achiever, a relative of the father's people. Bhava-11 profits, revenue, connections = a highly successful environment for boundary-breeching, risk-rewarding Rahu.
  • Surya-yuti-Rahu * amplified ambition, magnified confidence, exotic creativity, tricky drama, opportunistic father, fascinating (but perhaps illusory) appearance of political genius
  • Kuja-yuti-Rahu * amplified competition, magnified championship, exotic pursuits, tricky innovation, opportunistic brother-warriors, fascinating (but perhaps illusory) appearance of inventive, dynamic energy

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

  • Ketu-Meena * dissociates from Otherworldly understanding, incomplete clairsentience, empty dreams, dissolute guidance, not limited by cetacean culture, ignores restriction on intuition, disarrayed wisdom
  • Ketu in classroom-5 * ambivalent toward entitlements, absentee children, disregards political boundaries, eccentric unsustainable cut-off intelligence, dissolves the game, disperses the creative intelligence

Born for Politics and Entertainments

vidyapathi-5 Guru in Vrizchika * Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala

Guru-1 also contributes to his portly status

the emotionally motivated, social-ordering, leadership-seeking; 10th-from-Chandra

contains Surya-yuti-Rahu * Kuja-yuti-Rahu * Mangala-Kanya yuti Surya-Kanya yuti Rahu-Kanya * Mangala-yuti-Surya

Mr. Arthur spent most of his bureaucratic career working within the extensively corrupt political jobs-for-sale "machine" economy of antebellum New York City. He participated in, and eventually operated, an extensive bribery system = buy-sell political jobs (especially those jobs which involved collecting shipping fees and taxes). He started in the Customs Bureau and slowly his influence spread throughout New York.

Almost everyone owed him some type of favor; also he was both non-confrontational and pleasantly sociable by nature * Budha-yuti-Zukra in the emotionally motivated community-linking, economically gainful, profit-regulated, friendly, participatory, goal-oriented, socially-networked 11th-from-Chandra friendliness

Toward the end of his life during Rahu-Mangala chidra-dasha where Mangala for the Vrizchika radical lagna is not only the lagnesha but also the rogesha-6 indicating criminals, POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur surprised all of his political machine friends by making reforms to the federal corruption system. It was literally his "last official act" to unseat the federal patronage system, because Arthur died shortly after finishing his presidential term of office.

His surprising final anti-crime reforms were empowered by Kuja-yuti-Rahu that amplified the drishti of Mangala, Surya in bhava-11 , Rahu into bhava-6. Lagnesha Guru casts His eye into 6 as well.

Sarala Yoga

His career and his personal life remained untouched by the criminal environment in which he operated daily; he effectively worked under camouflage pretending to be a lawyer and an accountant * randhresha-8 bean-counter Budha-12 Viparita Raja-Yoga * Sarala Yoga

Placed by the machine into a place-holder vice presidency, Arthur attained the presidency rather accidentally via assassination of POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield * * Rahu-Zukra period * atmakaraka Zukra rules 10th navamsha * Zukra yuti randhresha-8 Budha sudden shock

Mrs. Chester "Nell" was a notable singer, a beauty, wealthy and from a distinguished Virginia family. Vriddhipathi-11 Budha-yuti-Zukra-12

Arthur married his young wife following the death of her sea-captain father in a celebrated marine accident where the father safely transferred the women and children from his ship then drowned as he "went down with the ship" * an action considered then and now to demonstrate a highly noble character.

Unfortunately their marriage occurred just at the opening of Civil War hostilities, and she favored the southern cause even while her northerner husband was an outspoken abolitionist. Yet their New York City parties were society events and her lovely singing voice advanced Arthur's career in the Republican political machine.

suddenly at her age 42, Nell died 12-Jan-1880 of pneumonia. She was the mother of three children (two living). It was said that she died after years of neglect by Arthur, who seemed unable to spend an evening at home due to his back-room political dealings, his drinking, and other flirtations. She died just before he entered the Whitehouse.

After a lifetime of party-going and taking emotional relief in food with drink Chandra-2. Arthur himself died 18-Nov-1886 of painful kidney disease age 57.

His leadership roles are not iconic or indeed egocentric but rather the product of his remarkable and enriching relationship-building skills, due to atmakaraka Zukra strong in navamsha-10 and Karakamsha = 7, negotiations and trusts.


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