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Graha* Bhava * Amsha * Rashi

Nakshatra of Rahuvan

Aum som somaya namah

Professor Chandra

Somana * Krishanaya

resides in


Shatavishaka* Satabishaj

the bitter apple

ruled by Rahu and Varuna

enormous root-splitting systems


breaks the taboo against connection to the greater system

emotional patterning delivered into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of



Varuna riding the Makara =

Guardian of the Structures and Systems of the Worlds

attribution unknown, Orissa style

Neolamarkia cadamba = Anthocephalus cadamba


= sacred to Zatataraka nakshatra


Nakshatra Trine of Rahu =

Great Leap Forward via breaking social barriers + taking risks:

Nakshatra Trine of Rahu

Like Arudra and Zatataraka, the Swati folk are much more complexly involved in unconventional, taboo-breaking activities (Rahu) than their balanced superficial appearance might immediately reveal.

the three nakshatra of Rahu have an open-minded attitude toward behaviors that may be judged irregular, exotic, arrhythmic, even lawless.

Zatataraka-Soma is distinctively sociological, with a gift for understanding the behavior of large groups,"the masses and the classes ". Shatavishaka can handle weird ideas in a systematic fashion due to its scientifically experimental mind. They have an intuitive approach toward networks - both social and conceptual - that often places them in the avant-garde of social change movements. Zatavizak_distantGalaxy_Hubble.jpg

Hubble Space Telescope captures Distant Galaxies

Shata-Vishaka * Shata-taraka

  • ruled byRahu

  • 06-Kumbha-40 until 19-Kumbha-59

Zatataraka Chandra pada-1 * navamsha Chandra-Dhanuzya

Zatataraka Chandra pada-2 * navamsha Chandra in Makara

Zatataraka Chandra pada-3 * Kumbha navamsha

Zatataraka Chandra pada-4 * Meena navamsha * pushkarya pada

  • abdicated King of England 1936 Edward-VIII (taboo breaker, king married an alien)

  • artist, polymath Leonardo da Vinci (artist, polymath)

  • USA baseball champion, second husband of Marilyn Monroe Joe DiMaggio

  • Paul Newman = charismatic actor, progressive activist

  • professor of esoteric religious practice Mircea Eliade



Radix Moon in Zatataraka = a thousand powers

  • double-Rahu = electricity = super-shakti

  • moody and mystical; ab lass mixing

  • Shani and His co-ruler Rahu + Varuna

Shatabishakya-Chandra =

ambitious (Rahu) and risk-taking (Rahu)

scientific, populist , methodical and systematic (Kumbha)

visionary universalistic futuristic (Kumbha)

emotionally (Chandra) oriented to very large-scale communities and networks

their goal = socially regulated extension of participation in economies of goods and ideas

Zatataraka maximizes Rahu's empowerment to make sudden, highly energized movements like the deadly, fiercely, overwhelmingly powerful Crocodile.

the native sits quietly for a long time. They look normal on the outside.

No-one suspects the power they possess.

  • Shatabishaja = not an easy placement for the placid, settled Moon

  • herb for Shatabishaja = "bitter apple" * colocynthis

  • emotionally Shatabishaja = bitter and disappointed in a lack of nourishment from the mother

there is both oppression (Shani) and disruption of regularity (Rahu) in the relationship with one's mother (Chandra)

May become an iconic figure in a mass movement.

Not usually Emotionally attuned to the needs (Chandra) of large-scale social networks (Kumbha).

Is concerned with distribution of assets within economies of goods and ideas. Wants to ease the economic plight of the downtrodden; feels a special calling to help exactly those who bite the hand that feeds them. (Rahu + Shani)

Trapped in a state of internal contradiction and tension, wanting more airy freedom (Rahu) but afraid (Shani) to risk the dignity acquired via their involvement with large groups, assemblies, fan-clubs, large systems (Kumbha).

  • Among the Believers Vidyadhar Surajprasa V.S. Naipaul wrote a definitive global-view critique of mass religion in the 20th century

A respected but unhappy person as a rule.

While never losing their sense of personal martyrdom, Shatabishakya Chandra natives can produce amazing large-scale healing to the masses.

Satavisaka hears a very special clarion call to meet the emotional needs of the great hordes who are so much captured by burning desire (Rahu) that they can rarely sustain much material progress (Shani).

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote many types of literature, but his most beloved was an earthy type of melodrama which seemed to capture the German soul. His dramatic masterpiece Faust is a tale of human folly and greed which virtually anyone can understand.

Shatavisakhya can be a visionary healer for specifically this population -- always the largest incarnate group - whose identity is churned by a narrative of mixed superstition, oppression, and furious immediate desire.

At its best, Shatavisaja can describe the Revolutionary Principles (first rules) of a New Order (Rahu) in the context of Historic Time and the Old Order (Shani).

This nakshatra can produce extraordinary social figures who articulate Huge Perspectives upon mass movements and social groupings.

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 Benjamin Franklin wrote the narrative for an entirely new, rank-breaking (Rahu) civilization, based in rule- networked interconnected science (Kumbha) and Enlightened governing principles (Shani = rules).

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe * a polymath writer-illustrator-scientist whose researches into nature and human character covered a broad scope. A brilliant literary figure.

  • Among the Believers 1932- V.S. Naipaul = brilliant narratives of the Indic diaspora gave a living personality and erstwhile sense of dialectical purpose to the seething masses of the subcontinent.

  • Holy Science 1855-1936 Shri Yukteswara Giri = provided the much needed meta-cultural narrative describing how huge historic cycles regulate the vast ocean of Time (Shani).

  • Heartbreak Hotel 1935-1977 Elvis Presley was famed for his iconic racial-culture mixing (Rahu). Presley wrote and sang the narrative which defined and validated a nearly-lost people, the rural American "deep south" and those with roots there. His validating power was so intense for this population that some came to * worth-ship * worship him as a sort of a divine avatar.

  • Joe DiMaggio = the baseball player became the mid-century face of a noble American Everyman.

  • Leonardo da Vinci = created a compelling visual narrative of Mediterranean civilization that is still considered the best of breed

The Shatavisakhya native is especially tasked to use their enormously broad and neutral view of the reality of the masses (in their living hells) by utilizing their birth gift of oversight upon the cosmic ocean .

Shatavisakhya is blessed by a unique visionary perception. It is tricky indeed to feel 'happy' with this placement but if the question of happiness is put aside, one may be very effective in helping others on a huge human scale.

Usually an eccentric personality.


Double-Rahu effect = Rahu co-lord of Kumbha yuti Rahu lord of Zatataraka

Shatabishakya-Chandra = have the extraordinary ability to detect"connections " where others see emptiness. Of the three Rahu-rules nakshatra (Ardra + Swati + Zatataraka) this Chandra is potentially the most brilliant and the most influential socially. However when Chandra is controlled by Shani and His co-ruler Rahu, naturally the emotionally life cannot be easy.

One has very little use for social protocol, kow-towing to authority figures, or public displays of piety. Within the first eighteen years of life conditions are likely to be both exceptionally difficult and distinctively socially unusual, due to the native 's birth into the mahadasha of Rahu.

At some point in the lifetime there may be social punishment for this taboo-breaking genius, due to the inherent conflict between the co-lords Rahu and Shani and the "push" from Varuna who insists on upholding a higher lawfulness of cosmic organizing principle regardless of the petty ignorance of statutory law .

If Rahu is well supported, the native 's bright-blue cosmically electrified aura may extend over a huge range both conceptually and geographically.

  • Shata-visaka is a famous place for healers who have "mega-shakti" (shata-visaka) for hands-on healing and transformation, including physicians and surgeons.

  • Practitioners and purveyors of poison dosing (Rahu) which can act as medicine, and of yogic austerities including fasting (Shani) which can cure disease

Usually quite charismatic, with a remarkable ability to charm the public . Tantrik power to connect psychically with large and diverse crowds of people or vast populations of the spiritual world.


Visionary understanding of the interconnected cosmos.

  • Reputation includes skill in varieties of seduction, fraud, magic, and gambling.

  • Shani-Rahu is a very difficult combination, and these peculiar folk can be difficult to live with.

  • Their reclusive, moody sensitivity and struggle to articulate their bridge-between-life-and-death ideas does not ease their path into conventional society.

Emotional distress

Shatabishak are large-scale visionary planners and system developers. They rely on an intuitive sense of connectivity between multiple worlds.

When emotionally threatened or invalidated, the Zatataraka-Chandra native may retreat into silent depression.

If under siege by negative emotions for a long time period, drug or alcohol abuse may be entertained, for purpose of entering into communication with the guiding cosmic intelligence.

They know what they know through intuition and psychic conviction. Zatataraka can practice their spiritual truth, but may struggle to explain to others and ultimately fail in communication due to the limits of the conventional worldview .

Marital troubles due to restless moodiness . These natives need to connect with the common people, who love them. If one is allowed daily contact with the crowds, all will settle and be well.

Sometimes an obsession with cleanliness and body functions . (Would rather not be trapped in a body.)

  • Deep emotional need to lift into the Celestial Vaults

Spiritual director of this section of the path:
Trauma profile

Trauma profile = "circuit-breaker"

Sata-bhisa's psycho-emotional condition is initiated in the current life, by the native 's profound attachment to a loved one - most often, the mother - who is lost early, by abandonment or untimely death.

  • Attachment can be to one's lost child or sibling also, and abandonment can be mental illness-caused as well as physical.

The trauma-healing instinct creates a deep longing to generates "shoots " which cross over (like a ferryman, or a lotus shoot).

Satabisa experiences a lifetime of seeking bridges into the unknown. As a result one may be plunged into distant moodiness or mystical revelry, a good part of the time.

Navamsha Moon in Zatataraka * intimate relationships

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Zatataraka behavior.

Under emotional stress in relationships, Zatataraka navamsha Chandra can evoke the native 's inner fear of loss of constant movement.

Reactions to this fear of losing core vitality include compulsive drumming, dancing, party-going and traveling in moving groups, in order to keep the movement alive.

Navamsha Moon in Zatataraka =


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