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Husband's nativity

multiple marriages

graha yuti Zukra


A Pair of Puffins

Q = Dear Barbara,

I'm burning with curiosity about the three marriages forecast from my Zukra + Guru + Budha combination. I remember as a child our family astrologer told my father that my kundali"looks like a Muslim" * ek musalamanaki taraha bata dekho. My Brahmin father was quite displeased and asked immediately for remedies.

For years I thought that maybe I was switched at birth with some other new baby from one of the Muslim households nearby. (Our village was a peacefully mixed community.) However it turns out that our Jyotisha was referring not to my religious beliefs but rather to my three wives.

As you know, three wives would have been quite acceptable for a Muslim groom, but in our priestly Brahmin household it would be - to say the least - not customary.

of course there are always exceptions and allowances. I had heard of an uncle in a distant hill village who was married to two sisters. And everyone was aware that in our part of the world (unlike here in the West) mothers die more often than fathers, so it can be necessary to remarry of course.

Is it a forecast for the first and second wives either dying or lost by divorce, and a third wife of uncertain disposition?

Already, I have endured two long (5 years each) painful romances (I'm 40) and I'm in a third since last year here in London - but she's not able to commit to me because she's married to another. Have I in some sense used up this karma of three wives? Am I possibly on the third right now - despite the fact that she can't marry me?

What should I think?

A = Namaste,

Yes traditionally when Zukra shares a bhava with other graha including Rahu-Ketu (but not including other upagraha) then the forecast for a husband's nativity predicts multiple wives.

If Guru is one of the companions of Zukra then for the husband it can be forecast with reasonable certainty that multiple (Guru) wives (Zukra) are part of the plan.

However the sequence of wives, the timing, and the conditions are quite complex.

In your case Chandra occupies karamasthana-10; therefore the 7th-from-Chandra = bhava-4. The First wife is likely to feel most comfortable in the role of a traditional housewife and mother. Thula rules the 7th navamsha, and Zukra is the default karaka for the first wife (in a husband's nativity) in any case. Therefore Zukra can represent wife-1.

Zukra is a challenging graha for your Dhaushya lagna, as you know. Zukra rules ripu-bhava-6 and 6th-from-6th vriddhiasthana-11. In your case, Zukra's configuration suggests that wife-1 may be of good character but sickly. In addition, Zukra rules 2nd-from-Chandra in radix and 2nd-navamsha while Zukra conjuncts randhresha-8 Chandra in the navamsha varga, suggesting that while she is a lovely woman with traditional aspirations for motherhood, wife-1 may meet her decease during a period of Chandra.

Deciding which of the two remaining graha Budha + Guru should represent wife-2 is a challenge. Budha signifies a young wife of student-age, whereas Guru is an abundant woman who may already have children and who is likely to produce more within her marriage to you. Since Zukra resides in the lowest degree of the three graha, and Zukra has already been taken to represent wife-1, the next middle degree-holder is Budha which shall represent the next wife in sequence wife-2. Still for the Dhanushya native, Budha is less than ideal due to kendra adhipathi dosha and close proximity to Guru. The 2nd-from-Chandra contains Shani, suggesting some stricture of law or government. Budha occupies the 12th navamsha. Therefore it is possible that some legal difficulties may produce a separation from wife-2.

Wife-3 then would be nichha-Guru. Wife-3 may have been previously married and previously a mother, giving her a Guru fertile physique. Guru is your lagnesha and bandhu-pathi; of the three graha, lagnesha Guru is most amenable to you and your way of life. The home in this marriage is large and welcoming due to Guru bandesha-4 . However 9th-from-Chandra, representing the emotional conditions of the third marriage, is identical to bhava-6 while Guru occupies the 6th navamsha. And so the overall forecast does not exclude a sickly third wife. Shani rules 2nd-from-Guru while Shani occupies the 9th navamsha (marriage-3). Wife-3 may meet her demise in a period of Shani.

One final point about the distinction between marriages and romances. This point can get complicated because of the taboos involved.

By Jyotisha standards, a marriage requires a vow. Romances may endure for decades without a vow. As character forming as those live-in"consider ourselves married" sexual relationships may be, if no vow was spoken and no children born, the relationship is not a marriage.

But vows are tricky. The first type of vow is obvious: a public ceremony officiated by a witnessing priest-figure (including captain of ship, justice of peace, etc.) Also included in 'witnessed vows' are hand-fasting and private vows spoken while circling the fire seven times with only Agni as a witness. The second type is also obvious: a child is born into the union.

But what if within the union there occurs a conception aborted either naturally or therapeutically? Does that count as a marriage? In practical terms, an aborted conception does mark the first marriage in the navamsha (psychic reality) and it influences the navamsha-based timing of any future marriage ceremonies. But an aborted conception often does not affect the sequence of marriage descriptors in radix.

Also, are situations of men keeping hidden wives and second families, in other villages or other countries; of unsuitable couples who cannot obtain a divorce because of religious laws who simply go forward and live with other mates yet there has been no second formal vow.

A nativity forecasting five wives could seem wrong if only the"public facade" is used for evidence. Jyotisha has a bit of X-ray vision in this matter! If three wives are forecast, that could be realized as three public marriage ceremonies, three Agni-witness or hand-fasting private vows, three children born to three female mates regardless of vows, or some combination of the above. There might also be cases of hidden miscarriage-abortion that can account for a"missing" wife.

Husband nativities: Multiple-marriage Examples: Oracle Database 1944- Larry Ellison enjoyed his 70th birthday in 2014. So far he's been married and divorced four times. His Zukra has four companion graha, predicting five marriages. Considering that he is in good health and one of the materially richest men in the world, Mr. Ellison is eligible for a fifth marriage.

India-PM 1944-1991 Rajivaratna Gandhi 's Zukra had four companion graha -- Chandra, Guru, Budha, Surya -- predicting five marriages. Yet only one public marriage was recognized during his 47 years of earthly life. It is rare for elite politicians who are trying to maintain a facade of moral purity to risk a dignity-damaging divorce. (Royalty however have different rules.) Also this individual was raised in a climate of personal indulgence by a doting but busy mother (Chandra + Zukra = self-indulgent, 'spoiled'.) Jyotisha would draw the conclusion that additional activities of a nature to satisfy the requirements for five marriages had likely occurred away from the protective public eye.

Principia Mathematica 1872-1970 Bertrand Russell was married four times. His contemporaries often recounted his irrepressibly curious and promiscuous nature. Russell's Zukra enjoyed parivartamsha yoga with Mangala, which brought together five wife-makers: Zukra, Mangala, Budha, Surya, and Rahu. Likely the four true graha represent the four marriages, while Rahu represents the * numerous* others.

Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 Henry Ford = nichha-Zukra in bhava-1 and Zukra-yuti-Shani and Zukra-yuti-Guru. Mr. Ford was not only an high-treasury tycoon who employed thousands of factory-workers; he also believed himself to be a moral authority who was positioned to tell his employees how to live better lives. In his day, divorcees were ostracized from polite society. Mr. Ford was legally married only once. How then would Mr. Ford have handled the implications of nichha-Zukra + Guru + Shani-1? For one thing, during a decades-long affaire du coeur, he produced an illegitimate (inherits no property) son with a servant-worker secretary (Kanya). Jyotisha would suggest a total of three wife-partners.


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