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Zukra-yuti-Surya in 12 Bhava

Zukra-yuti-Surya * Romance Relationships

Sensual Pleasures + Center-Stage Roles

Sexual Delights + the charismatic, romantic Husband-Figure

"Prince/Princess Charming"

Two-party Harmony + One-person Uniqueness

Attraction to Ideal Qualities

Splendid placement for politicians = self-directed unions and handsome appearance.

Om dram dreem droum sah Zukraya namah

Om Grinih Suryaya Namah




residing in 12 Rashi




in the twelve signs

Zukra moudhya dosha * ashtagata * combust



Ragamala Raga Sri * King of love with pages c.1590

Das commentary: "Sun conjoins Venus " "Earns money by dealing in things having to do with
  • the eyes,
  • colors, paints,
  • or from the stage, theater, cinema, public amusements,
  • weapons, arms and ammunition.

Will be intelligent.

There may be gain through the spouse or their relations, or from other contacts due to the opposite sex.

Skillful in the use of weapons, mighty,

weak sighted in old age,

able to amuse the public,

libidinous, interested in music,

happy in regard to spouse and friends."

Zukra-Meza yuti Surya-Meza * uttama

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 Rabindranath Tagore -Thakur + Budha (8)

  • conspiracy-theory exponent David Icke + Guru

Zukra-Vrizabha yuti Surya-Vrizabha

  • musical composer Richard Wagner

  • taboo-breaking sexual love writer; psychiatrist Dr. Ruth Westheimer + Rahu

Zukra-Mithunaya yuti Surya-Mithunaya

Zukra-Karkata yuti Surya-Karkata


Zukra-Singha yuti Surya-Simha

Zukra-Kanya * nichha yuti Surya-Kanya

Zukra-Vanika yuti Surya-Vanika * nichha

Zukra-Vrizchika yuti Surya-Vrizchika

Zukra-Dhanuzya yuti Surya-Dhanuzya

Zukra-Makara yuti Surya-Makara

Zukra-Kumbha yuti Surya-Kumbha

Zukra-Meena * uttama yuti Surya-Meena

Surya-Meza * uttama * Kriya * Arya * Arietis

  • Surya is highly empowered in the rashi of Kuja . Mangala is to Zukra a samagraha * neutral . Zukra-Meza has a lovely boyish slender quality and enjoyment of athletic sports. The gracious concern for others is diminished and some of Zukra's relationship sweetness suffers the burnt-sugar scent of impatience and self-orientation. Yet there are benefits of this combination, including a toned and muscled athletic look, usually slender hips, and adolescent sizing which grant a fashionable, sporting appeal. One may be attractive to others when wearing competitive sporting gear, dancing, and expressing the artistic, athletic, or entertaining energy of youth. The father may be handsome, agreeable, inventive, sporting, artistic, and sensual. Outcome is defined by disposition of Mangala.

Surya-Vrizabha * Sthurin * Taurus

  • Surya's power is diminished in the rashi of Surya's enemy Zukra, but Zukra-Vrizabha gains strength in swakshetra. Feminine traits emphasized; Soft, rounded, sensuous, nicely balanced features. Looks good in meadows, pasturelands, farms and fields, forests, and in surroundings that features wines, perfumes, textiles and oils. The father may be handsome, agreeable; a banker, conservator, herder, and wealth-collector; artistic, and very sensual.

Surya-Mithunaya * Jaimini * Gemini

  • Surya is neutral to Mithunaya's lord Budha while Zukra experiences Budha as a mithrugraha * friendly influence. Nativities with Surya + Zukra-Mithunaya = pleasantly friendly, talkative, clever with their hands. Usually likes to draw and write, and is often quite photogenic. Looks good and speaks pleasantly in conversational, small-group settings, team meetings. The father may be handsome, a specialist in information-delivery, artistic, and sensual. However the Budha-Surya pair are strictly messengers;

    the nature and content of their message is provided by other graha via yuti or drishti.

Surya-Karkata * Karkata * Cancera * Khepra

Surya is a good friend to Chandra, while for Zukra-Karkata, Professor Chandra is a neutral influence. Unless severely combust, the nativity with Surya + Zukra has softly balanced features - yet emotionally potent and willful. Looks lovely in domestic settings where they rule the roost. One's father may be handsome, agreeable, engaged in defense or protection such as military or housing, artistic, and sensual.

  • How Will I Know 1963-2012 Whitney Houston * father military officer. Noted beauty with broad emotional appeal (Chandra rules Surya yuti Zukra-11 popularity).

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro had a handsome, wealthy, sugar-plantation grower father. Fidel's first wife was a beauty, but the marriage was brief due in part to interference from the wife's father in response to Castro's legendary infidelities. There is a 25-degree gap between Castro's Surya at 27 degrees of Karkata in Azlesa, versus his Zukra at 2 degrees of Karka, in Punarvasu Nakshatra . The father-figure effects upon the wife are weakened, but Castro's first wife was likely much beholden to the will and beliefs of her father.

Surya-Simha * Simha * Leonis

  • Surya possesses a dominating hot bright self-centeredness in this yoga which tends to overwhelm Zukra-Singha 's cool beauty. Sweet, relationship balancing Zukra may feel burned up, charred, misused for political or entertainment purposes of the ego-membrane Sun. Women with Zukra-yuti-Surya-Simha may be attracted, then "burned out" by self-promoting males with center-stage personalities. The males tend to have been long accustomed to being the brilliant center of attention (such as an only child, or a child entertainer). By contrast, males with Zukra-yuti-Surya-Simha tend to "burn up" the women in their environment, charming but consuming and dominating with their brilliant hot personalities. If combust, Zukra has no power at all in Simha. One may enjoy a charming personality (or not) but the physical appearance typically not display Zukra's classic beauty. Tends toward rosacea with a dry, reddish overall complexion unless other factors such as a yuti Chandra might soften or lighten the appearance. Male native enjoys bright sunlight. The father may be handsome, agreeable, political, artistic, and sensual.

Surya-Kanya * Para-Persephone * Virago

  • Surya is neutral to Professor Budha, while Zukra experiences Budha as a friendly influence. Zukra in Partha - weakened in nichha. No matter how attractive Zukra-Partha may appear to outsiders, the self-criticizing native struggles to perceive one's own beauty. The person with Surya + Zukra is mildly pretty and charming, but often some flaw in the conventional beauty such as an unusual body type or a mark on the face. Looks good in intellectual settings. Their attractiveness increases through added intelligence if Budha also joins Surya + Zukra-Kanya. The father may be handsome, agreeable, critically logical or technical, artistic, and sensual.

Surya-Vanika * nichha * Thula * Librae:

  • Surya suffers diminished centrality in the rashi enemy Professor Zukra, but swakshetra Zukra-Vanika gains strength. Feminine traits emphasized; soft, rounded, sensuous, nicely balanced features. Looks good in small groupings and pairings, in elegant surroundings. The native presents graciously, often displaying a fine sense of couture, color-palette, and decorative ornamentation. Typically a handsome visage of paler, slightly bluish complexion relative to the gene pool. Partnership style (Zukra) is diplomatic and decentralized. The beauty of the style (Zukra) may exceed the potency of the individual intelligence (Surya). The father may be handsome, agreeable, diplomatic, artistic, and sensual. Due to weakened nichha-Surya there may be some perceived weakness of the father, often regarding his conduct in relationships.

  • Hour of Decision 1918- Rev. Billy Graham * Surya-Zukra-Thula-4. His core message was that "the covenant" * swakshetra Zukra is stronger than the individual will * weak Surya. Graham married Prodigals 1920-2007 Ruth Bell Graham. Interestingly, her Surya-Mriga-Vrishabha-yuti-Zukra is stronger than Mr. Graham's Surya. Ruth's father (Surya-9) had been a religious missionary of a different doctrine. Despite her husband's high-profile "televangelist" ministry, Ruth did not convert her religious creed to match her husband's doctrine (see also his Ketu in 7th-from-Chandra dispersion). His Surya-yuti-Zukra demonstrates that his wife remained independent in matters of personal intellect (Surya) even while she cooperated (Zukra) in matters of the home and parenting (his Zukra-4).

Surya-Vrizchika * Kita * Scorpionis

  • Surya is empowered in the rashi of Kuja; yet Mangala is to Zukra a samagraha * neutral . Attraction * akarshana * to danger. Zukra-Vrizchika has a sweetly seductive, dark, penetrating look which can be healing but also controlling. One looks even-tempered and handsome in exploratory and therapeutically transformative settings. Is pleased to be in company of powerful people and environments which provide shocking discoveries, explosive revelations, sudden upheavals, mysterious forces, and dangerous secrets. The father may be handsome, agreeable, secretive or mysterious, artistic, and sensual. Outcome is defined by disposition of Mangala.

Surya-Dhanuzya* Taukshika * Sagit-Ariu

  • Suryasees Guru as a friend, while Guru is to Zukra a samagraha * neutral . Zukra-Dhanuzya provides an expansive, sweet loveliness which often appears slightly golden, slightly plump, with an attitude that is cheerful and optimistic. Looks attractive in ideological, doctrinal, preaching and higher-educational settings. The beauty of the teaching style (Zukra) is slightly dominated by the bright charm of the individual intelligence (Surya). One may be a charismatic preacher. The father may be handsome, agreeable, humanistic but dogmatic, artistic, and somewhat sensual. Outcome is defined by disposition of Brihaspati.

Surya-Makara * Capri-cornus * the Goat-horn

  • Surya feels oppressed by His strictly lawful ruler Shani the Legislator whom Surya sees as a satrugraha * bitter enemy. Yet Professor Shani is Zukra's great friend and L=5 + karmesha-10 Zukra becomes a yogakaraka counted from the Makara lagna. Thus Zukra is favored in this pairing while Surya is disempowered, thus this yoga is generally easier to manage within a female nativity. Zukra-Makara Often provides an attractive architecturally balanced bone structure, fair complexion relative to the gene pool, and a relationship-building personality that is socially polite and attuned to status hierarchies. Within environments that feature conventional ornamentation and costume, in lawful practice, in large regulated hierarchies, providing status-tagged (Makara) values (Zukra) one is pleased to join agreements. Partnership style (Zukra) is lawfully contractual. The architectonic order of the style (Zukra) may exceed the potency of the individual intelligence (Surya). The father may be handsome, agreeable, regular in habits, an appreciator of artistic design, and moderately sensual. Due to Shani-oppressed Surya there may be some perceived weakness of the father's integrity, often related to social materialism.

Surya-Kumbha * Ghata * Aquila the Eagle:

  • Surya's center-stage inclinations are much impeded in the web-that-has-no-center rashi of Shani-ruled Kumbha. Surya sees networker-Shani as a satrugraha * bitter enemy. Yet Professor Shani is Zukra-Kumbha 's great friend . Zukra is a yogakaraka counted from the Kumbha lagna. Thus Zukra is favored here while Surya is disempowered, and this yoga becomes generally easier in a female nativity. Surprising beauty, slightly eccentric in appearance but very attractive with balanced features and a subtle electric-blue tinge to the auric field. Delights in the company of friends. In group-energy environments the native appears pleasantly radiant. One is pleased to join agreements with others within goal-oriented, link-regulated, social-participatory environments. The most pleasing surroundings are interlinked large assemblies and and orderly economies of ideas, goods, and services. Due to the influence of Kumbha's co-ruler Rahu, one looks lovely in unusual dress, in large mixed groups, among a variety of exotic friends who share social and economic goals. The father may be handsome, agreeable, economically oriented, an appreciator of artistic design, and moderately sensual.

Surya-Meena * Antya-the-Whale * Piscetis * Fish

  • Surya sees Guru as a friend. Zukra sees Professor Guru as a samagraha * neutral. Often the native is blessed with a striking physical beauty - although as always, additional graha in Zukra's bhava can alter the final outcome. Zukra-Meena * uttama Often provides musical and artistic talents matching a very lovely appearance. Fair complexion relative to one's gene pool; balanced features and pronounced confidence due to Surya's happiness in the rashi of Guru. Expansive loveliness, with a golden, slightly plump, cheerful appearance. Looks good in artistic settings, when engaged in matters of belief or theory (due to Guru). Nearly always feels pleased to be in the company of children. The father may be handsome, agreeable, philosophically inclusive, related to an artistic muse, and very sensual.

Career of Anuradha workaholic rescued by a diplomatic wife * Zukra

  • POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny James Knox Polk had Zukra-Vanika yuti Surya-Vanika * nichha with Surya being the weak karmesha-10 while a powerful dig-bala Shani resides in bhava-7. Dysfunctionally for a career politician, Polk disliked socializing, which he considered a "waste of time". Luckily his agreement-builder wife liked to talk (see the 2-3-cluster in her nativity). Her advocacy for his ideas (which critics claimed were indeed her ideas) eventually earned him a trustworthy and dignified reputation.

A complex father - Surya-yuti-Zukra-Kanya-10

England-Queen 1533-1603 Elizabeth-1 * Kanya Surya-10 yuti the rogesha-6 nichha-Zukra yuti Uttama-Budha-10 shows the very complex and sometimes very difficult relationship between daughter Elizabeth and her notorious father England-King 1491-1547 Henry VIII Tudor .

  • Elizabeth was by all accounts one of the most successful monarchs in British history. Her father was both famous as a musician and supporter of arts throughout the land, and infamous as a criminal, murderer, and thief. Her father the corrected some England's worst debt problems (6) by stopping the outflow of English church-tax money into the coffers of Rome. In stanching this financial hemorrhage he was hailed as an economic hero by some (her nichha-Zukra Vriddhipathi-11 in 10, representing the finances of her Surya-father) . But he was judged a terrible thief by others, especially those clerics who lost their fees. England-King 1491-1547 Henry VIII Tudor died at age 55 from a deep-tissue wound infection from an old jousting injury (his rogesha-6 Shani in 5, injuries from entertainments). The infection was exacerbated by his diabetes (his Zukra-yuti-Ketu) and the extremely unsanitary conditions of the era. Her dharmesha-9 Surya in 10th shows her father's royal entitlements and his very high public visibility and the prominent role of Rahu-challenge to orthodox religion (9) in empowering his reign.
Physical body-shell is generally handsome and complexion somewhat more pale (Zukra) than average for the gene pool

Both husband-role and wife-figure nativities with Zukra + Surya are typically handsome in appearance. Even when other factors such as bodily girth (Guru) or irregularities (Rahu-Ketu) affect the appearance, one displays an attractive arrangement of facial features, colorings, textures etc.

Exception to this rule = when the daityaguru Zukra joins Ravi in Simha rashi, particularly when Zukra suffers moudhya-dosha. Then Zukra's cool attractive beauty is overwhelmed by Surya's hot, masculine, idealistic self-assertion and the physical shell may produce a peculiar mottled high-red or high-white tone.

Moudhya * ashtangata * asta * harana * combust
  • within 9 degrees proximity to Surya

if Zukra = retrograde

  • moudhya-dosha = within 14 degrees of Surya


Hour of Decision 1918- Rev. Billy Graham (1)


POTUS-32 Fireside Chats Franklin D. Roosevelt

Zukra suffers moudhya-dosha= ashtangata harana = combust = within 9 degrees proximity to Surya

As Zukra approaches closer and closer to Surya, the daitya-guru experiences an erosion of power of material manifestation of Zukra's trusting, matching, balancing, yoking behaviors.

Zukra = minimally combusted "crispy" at a distance of nine degrees away from burning Surya, moderately combusted at a distance of 4-5 degrees from Surya, completely combusted at a distance of 0-1 degrees from Surya.

(However Shani can provide effective compensation for the weak trust factor of a combust Zukra, see below.)

Zukra will be obliged to produce the results of His bhava and His drishti upon the astral planes, causal planes, or other dimension. The material, sensual, tangible effects are minimized.

Reduces influence of the aesthetic of balance during the (daily) partnership negotiations. Generally unsuitable for business partnership; more oriented to self-directed business (Surya).

May approach the topics of marriage alliance, arrangement-making, deal-brokering, and legal contracts with some trepidation.

BPL: if the combust Zukra also lacks favorable drishti, this condition can give an unbalanced autistic effect in relationships.

With no malice aforethought, the native is simply not aware of the needs or expectations of the partner. The partner may feel"invisible".

The male native with asta Zukra may waste a good deal of time looking for a"divinely perfect" (Surya) female partner. As with Zukra-Simha, one expects marriage to provide ideal conditions for the promotion of one's own ego-membrane interests. One may be simply unable to identify the interests of the Other, and proceed on the working assumption that the Other has no interests and will not develop any.

Relationships with women are difficult in general as the native attracts highly egocentric or uncooperative women into his life, both professionally and personally. Often the spouse is reclusive; her husband outshines her.

If Zukra is an uncomfortable influence e.g. for Meena lagna, then moudhya Zukra can create a positive outcome by reducing the capabilities of a negative agent.

~~ Behari commentary = Surya conjoined with Venus "If Venus is combust, the native will be extravagant,

and an attachment with persons whose affairs are always in a deranged or ruinous state,

and his property will be continually wasted in retrieving them."

Zukra = women in general, relationships in general, social contracts, and the role of the wife

"Husband" and "Wife" are social roles --- not anatomical identities.

Thus wife-1 = the person who fulfills the balancing, adjusting, beautifying and harmonizing roles in the alliance. A wife-figure may possess any sort of anatomical equipment = male, female, mixed, neither.

The essence of the wife-figure is equity-seeking, balancing adjustability which permits sustaining of the relationship (in the Old English, 'wiffe' = 'bread-maker').

  • For a husband, Zukra represents wife-1 persona, relationships with women in general (sisters, women colleagues, neighbors) and also the quality and quantity of the marriages.

  • For a wife, Zukra represents the quality of peer relationships with partners of either gender, relationships with women in general (sisters, women colleagues, neighbors) and also the quality and quantity of the marriages.

  • ** note that Mother is represented by matrikaraka Chandra. Mother is not Zukra.

When Zukra suffers moudhya-dosha, wife-1 role-holder (Zukra) is likely to be ambivalent regarding the marriage promise and may decline the legal contract.

Shani can mitigate combust Zukra's ambivalence

If yuvatipathi-7 is strong, or dignified Shani in bhava-7, or a Shani drishti upon Zukra-yuti-Surya coming from Shani can impose extra anti-movement structure upon combust Zukra's tendency toward weakened trust in partnership, thus limiting the range of the native's mobility outside of the contractual union.

The inherently weak faithfulness to contract and"burned out" low-trusting behavior of combust Zukra in 9, 1, or 4 may be substantially corrected by drishti from a dig-bala Shani-7 .

If Zukra occupies bhava-9, bhava-1, or bhava-4 WHILE receiving drishti of the dignified Shani-7 is ALSO occupying Makara or Kumbha, nearly all of the human-partnership weakness of Zukra may be corrected.

Weakness when manageable presents opportunities for growth.

When Zukra-yuti-Surya, Shani's drishti also affects Surya. Thus Surya's "burning" influence expressed via the father's dominating willfulness is also reduced by a Shani drishti to the Zukra-yuti-Surya pairing. Shani drishti results in more impact of Shani's narrative of social duty, and less impact by the heat of the father's egocentric willpower.

  • For example, one whose deeply combust Zukra accepts the drishti of a strong Shani would find that their choice of life partner would be dominated by their father's preferences. But, if Shani offers some correction. then the choice of life partner (Zukra) is also pressured by social duty concerns such as profession and public respect (Shani). The final outcome displays two contradicting sources of pressure - the father's will vs. the social order - resulting in a somewhat milquetoast personality whose relationships are dictated largely by social expectations .

Also Shani drishti to Zukra can make the life-partner elder to oneself. The stronger Shani's influence, the more elder the partner. Thus the maximum drishti from Shani upon a combust Zukra-Kumbha-Makara could result in a significantly elder partner who would likely have a socially respected profession.

However the burnt-sensuality behaviors of combust Zukra such as stinginess and anhedonia (shunning of pleasure) can be much reinforced by drishti of a strong Shani! Peer contracts, may be defined by their shared work duties.

Shani drishti imposes a narrative of social duty. Resulting from drishti of dignified Shani, native despite their self-orientation may become competently socially responsible in contract dealings, once a clear understood deal has indeed been agreed. Terms of promise must be lawful and simple (Shani) for Shani drishti to have the stabilizing"no movement" effect.

Shani-7 or Shani drishti to the Zukra-yuti-Surya pairing = loyalty to the social regularizing function (Shani) of interpersonal alliances, even while the combust Zukra indicates relatively weak trust in the individual partner.

Money, wealth, art, aesthetics

Zukra dhanakaraka = luxury, material wealth, artistic balance and design, sense pleasures

Zukra combust = luxury, pleasure in spending money, pleasure in delicious sensual pleasures = "burned out".

Resulting aesthetics may include general stinginess, frugality, disfavoring embellishment, shunning pleasure (medical term = anhedonia). The more combust is Zukra, the more stingy the native. If combust Zukra receives the drishti of Shani, potential for"Mean Mr. Mustard" chronic conservation behaviors.

Social arrangements (Zukra)favor the ego-membrane (Surya)

Strong influence * potentially dominance * of central roles = father-self-king

  • Father-figures (Surya)
  • and politics-celebrity-entertainments (Surya)

upon the native's peer relationships (Zukra)

The human personality consists of multiple shells * sheaths * membranes which surround and protect the pure core being. These many membranes are all to some extent porous and psychically interactive, but some shells are less permeable than others. Nine of these shell * membranes are Jyotisha-identified with the nine graha.

When Surya and Zukra share a rashi, the self-centered ego-membrane tends to have more operating fuel than the other-accommodating, adjusting, negotiating interactive membranes operated by counseling-advising Zukra.

Opinions of the father and masculine-authority figures (Surya) and matters of political rights and entitlements (Surya) strongly impact the trusting, matching, pairing, balancing, yoking behaviors of Zukra.

Due to Surya's bright heat , when pale, cool Zukra is combust, the influence of masculine roles, father-figures and concerns of political empowerment are dominantly strong.

Surya-related thoughts, persons, and actions regarding one's personal engagement with politics, personal charisma, entertainments, entitlements can overwhelm Zukra's portfolio of agreements, alliances, partnerships, matches, deals, negotiation and brokerage.

The outcome is a self-directing personality which is not barred from entering unions, but once committed to an alliance is rather less accommodating to the constituency and more focused on self-interest.

Surya + Zukra and Mangala + Zukra can be associated with facial Rosacea rosiness * ruddiness

Examples of public figures (northern European descent) whose nativities feature Surya yuti Zukra.


Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock * Surya + Zukra azlesha


POTUS-03 Thomas Jefferson * Surya azvini + Zukra krittika


POTUS-02 Thoughts on Government John Adams * Surya-Thula + Zukra-Thula


POTUS-pair-11 Polk Place Sarah Childress Polk + Ketu-2 face



"Wat Benchamabophit ". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Epistle to the Philippians 4:8

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