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Graha * Bhava * Rashi * Gochara

Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah

Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah




Mens * Moon



Sun * Aten * Aton * Om * On * Amon-Ra

moudhya-dosha Chandra

planetary friends

New Moon; Black Moon * Amavasya of Krishna Paksha


Public figures

Surya-Mesha * uttama yuti Chandra-Meza

Surya-Vrizabha yuti Chandra-Vrishabha * uttama

Surya-Mithuna yuti Chandra-Mithunaya

Surya-Karkata yuti Chandra-Karkata

Surya-Simha yuti Chandra-Simha

Surya-Kanya yuti Chandra-Kanya

Surya-Thula * nichha yuti Chandra-Thula

Surya-Vrizchika yuti Chandra-Vrizchika * nichha

Surya-Dhanuzya yuti Chandra-Dhanuzya

Surya-Makara yuti Chandra-Makara

Surya-Kumbha yuti Chandra-Kumbha

Surya-Meena yuti Chandra-Meena

Emotionally entitled to center-stage attention.

Chandra-Surya yoga = generally favorable.

A woman may bask in the light of her confident father or husband. However she may lose most of her creative independence in the marriage.

A man may find his mother to be a mere reflection of his father's glory, and he may seek a wife with similar predominantly reflective rather than predominantly creative qualities.

Alternatively as in the case of India-PM 1944-1991 Rajivaratna Gandhi , the mother's nurturing energies are greatly dominated by politics or theatre.

A man may be the "apple of his mother's eye" yet she is less empowered to directly help him. Decisions are referred to the father or the political group.

Chandra's calming and comforting behaviors are conjoined with Surya's agenda for politics, theatre, literary and performance-art creativity, amusements, entertainments, Divine intelligence, gambling, games, speculation, eyes and light , fashion, romance, celebrity lifestyle, adoration-admiration, applause, and recognition.

One sees (Ravi) oneself as 'chosen' (elected) thus good for getting theatrical roles or being elected to political office.

  • Emotional entitlement to be recognized, elected, applauded, celebrated, encircled, praised, beloved in romance.

One seeks emotional identity validation through political action, charismatic and brilliant center-stage roles, and comfort via romance.

All yoga involving the Moon give a tendency to project one's feelings upon others. Surya indicates rational thought, decision-making, and public identity through ego-membrane activity. This native will project their own thoughts and beliefs upon others, presuming that everyone shares or wants to share their own mentality and their beliefs.

Chandra + Surya may appropriate (Surya, self) the rights of others, in the mistaken belief that one's own perceptions are more true because they are more ethical (Chandra) or more divinely inspired (Surya).

Somana yields power to Ravi, giving the native stronger rational abilities and less well developed emotional perception. They will follow the path set by others and assert the moral righteousness of their group against others.

  • Can be quite self-righteous.

Personal identity is slightly weakened but ability to compromise and accept social direction is strengthened.

This native generally gets along well with others in their group and has less emotional conflict in life, largely due to reduced sensitivity to others' feelings.


Pleasant and sensible person as a rule.

Emotional mandate toward political activism , unless Surya is compromised.


Eclipse Sun Prominences photo by Wang Letian, March-2015

Vikala * moudhya-dosha* dagdha * ashtangata harana * asta

Chandra == combust within 12 degrees of Surya

BPL: if the dagdha Chandra also lacks favorable drishti, this condition can give an autistic effect in matters of home and housekeeping, care of children or elderly parents, and roots within a culture or place on Earth. the native is characteristically self-concerned and somewhat self-referential in emotional bonding behaviors. Being somewhat insecure in one's own emotional basis, the native may need extra reinforcement to ensure the strength of emotional bonds. to derive security via public praise (Surya) for parenting, caretaking, land stewardship, protection of the weak, patriotic acts (Chandra).

  • If Chandra is an uncomfortable influence e.g. for Dhanuzya lagna and for Kumbha lagna, then dagdha Somana can create a positive outcome by reducing the capabilities of a negative agent.

With no malice aforethought, the native is simply not aware of the spirits of a place, or the feelings of parents or children within the family. The family may feel"invisible" to the native who is noticeably self-concerned, lives much on the fashion stage , and somewhat rootless. the native may be able to promote the family's political interests but one has limited capacity to respond emotionally to the home life.


  • Queen Rania of Jordan = dagdha Chandra in Simha = not only very fashionable but also spends much time traveling and discussing politics.

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson + Surya-yuti-Guru + Mangala-yuti-Budha. He was was not known for his sensitivity to the feelings of others. He was however a very successful politician.

  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx = moudhya Chandra in Mesha. He produced numerous children due to Guru drishti to Chandra in 4; but the lion's share of his emotional attention was certainly dedicated to international politics.



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