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Date Tables of Ingress-Egress Guru Transits * years 1900-2099

  1. transit samchara Guru via Mesha
  2. transit samchara Guru via Vrishabha
  3. transit samchara Guru via Mithunaya
  4. transit samchara Guru via Karkata
  5. transit samchara Guru via Simha
  6. transit samchara Guru via Kanya
  7. transit samchara Guru via Thula
  8. transit samchara Guru via Vrizchika
  9. transit samchara Guru via Dhanuzya
  10. transit samchara Guru via Makara
  11. transit samchara Guru via Kumbha
  12. transit samchara Guru via Meena

12-year transit cycles of Blessed Brihaspati

Samchara * Gochara

Brihaspati * Guru


Meena * Matsya * Antya

Jupiter's transit through Piscus* Piscetis * Fish

ruled by Professor Guru (swakshetra)

effects of samchara Guru-Meena via 12 bhava

radical Guru-Meena

names for Meena

Fertile Expansion of Dream Life * Spiritual Guidance

Proliferation of Sanctuary Environments

Permission to Understand

Wisdom from the Great Cosmic Lake


What is the typical duration of a Guru transit via Meena?

Brihaspati travels through approximately one rashi per solar year.

The transit endures for one year generally, unless Brihaspati expands the length of His influence via retrograde * vakragati * vakri motion.

How does Guru behave in transit via Meena?

Shri Guru = first and foremost a multiplier-expander .

Wherever He travels, the Deva-Guru brings qualities of expansion, optimism, inclusion, non-judgmental embrace and acceptance, open-mindedness, positive attitude, golden colors, multiplicity, abundance, providence, fertility, wisdom, generosity, and largesse.

Meena = Brihaspati's natural campus *swakshetra * (kshtra = 'field, area, campus'). Meena is a highly suitable and supremely hospitable environment for traveling Professor Guru.

Which environments is Professor Guru able toexpand, multiply, or indoctrinate during His visit?

Earthly realms of Meena:

  • basin * bath
  • pond * millpond
  • pool * swimming pool * wading pool * reflecting pool
  • reservoir * tank
  • lake * loch * lagoon
  • mere * marsh * moor
  • sluice * spring
  • tarn * corrie-loch
  • inlet * inland sea

In Brihaspati's reflective, sensitive, guiding, way-showing, bridge-like, mirror-like rashi of Meena

  • Guru's capability to expand the divine wisdom teachings is spiritualized by the intuitive sensitivities of the Meena-rashi environment.

  • Behaviors of Meena = sleep, dreams, meditation, private prayer, imagination, travel to otherworldly realms, and long sojourns in distant lands, will generally consume most of the teacher-preacher energy.

  • Brihaspati's guidance may direct the native to acquire expanded capacity for astral traveling, empathetic and telepathic communication with creatures of the deep waters, special attention to the meaningful patterns of beautiful sound and dazzling color which serve as reminders of the greatness of Source.

Brihaspati the ruler of Dharma presents the truth As It Is.

  • Guru-Meena = a reality"as it is " composed of bridges and pathways which connect the social-material perceptual field to the field of deeply meaningful psycho-emotional perceptions.

  • When Guru transits the rashi of Meena, the psychic-intuitive, clairsentient, and divinatory qualities are expanded.

Expanded philosophical development

in the practice of making Sheltered, Nourished, Procreating Human Settlements

Guru Graharaja expands the scope and amount of multiple-world realities and procreative growth by providing a temporary expansion of opportunity to use the non-material senses to discern the presence of being of greater delicacy and higher intelligence than humans are typically able to understand.

  • However it is important to appreciate that Professor Guru whilst expanding the psychic perceptions does not interfere with the human religious systems

  • Brihaspati the Provider slightly adjusts those habitual religious worship systems to expand the range of persons who develop a second-sight by which deities may be not worshipped but directly intuitively apprehended

  • When in Meena, the Teacher-Preacher pontificates broadly upon the topic of human relationship to the divine realms . Guru-Meena develops awareness of the concepts of"basic affinity" including the musical tones and symbolic artistic representations that bridge the two worlds.

The temporary effect of Guru's preaching upon higher, wiser perspectives can be that people rally to the higher calling and act more clairsentiently and intuitively in their places of sanctuary and meditation.

  • Guru's transit via Meena is a time of expanding divinatory vision to include the astral bodies for all beings, particularly the human species, the cetacean species, and creatures of the sea.

  • Those whose ability to intuitively discern is expanded by Guru's transit via Meena include not only humans, but those benevolent spirits who teach and guide us through the realms of higher vibrations.

Generous Guru provides

  • more subtle awareness, broader cosmological mapping

  • stronger bond with the creatures of deep still waters

  • wiser choices in the bedroom, the meditation hall, the monastery, and other private secluded sensitive locations where one may feel alone with one's own ruminating thoughts

Brihaspati calls attention to

  • wise practice and awareness in matters of distant residence and far travels

Brihaspati in transit via Meena may lightly enhance an overall confidence (Guru) in the potential benefits of approaching the question of how to provide greater awareness of sound and color with an attitude of goodwill and compassion.

  • Guru gochara via Meena creates a natural philosophical focus upon issues of growth, expansion, fertility, inclusiveness, and higher wisdom.

  • The scope of awareness of"the dream environment" may expand tremendously for those with the capacity for cosmic thinking.

  • For those with prominent Meena function in the nativity (dviswa lagna plus Vrizchika lagna and Karkata lagna ) apprehension of Source and the energies of Procreation from Source may provide an intense 'background' aura that while not loud is tonally persistent.

Professor Guru 's exhortation to take a higher view of the role of human psychic capabilities and divinatory behaviors within the greater context of divine guidance toward conscious realization is often well heeded under auspice of a transiting Guru-Meena.

International Charity expands

  • monasteries and cloisters
  • dormitories and bedrooms
  • camps and fenced areas
  • hospitals, hostels and hotels
  • gatherings of diviners
  • places where people sleep and dream
  • places where shamanistic, divinatory, prophetic readings occur
  • deep waters and the creatures who inhabit the depths

Guru is Providence. Gochara Guru Graharaja via Meena provides more opportunities to enrich the spiritual life, including easy receipt of guidance from ancestor spirits and those from the supervising councils of higher beings who shepherd the destiny of Earth. It is generally easier to see with inner sight and hear with the inner ear during this transit of Brihaspati via Meena. Charity is the most natural expression of Guru's benevolence, and charity also becomes easier during this once-per-twelve-years occasions.

Guru's transit through Meena usually signals a significant improvement in global inclusiveness which expands the provision (Guru) of clairsentient support and protection to a broader range of living creatures.

Guru-Meena particularly favors retreatants and monastics of all doctrines; those who teach the divinatory arts of non-petitionary prayer; those who give guidance; creatures of the sea, and marine environments especially the fertile estuaries which provide nourishment to so many.

The bridge between of human culture and the invisible realms of beings which guide and protect the Earth is accessible via the clairsentient perceptions of meditation and second sight. During any transit of Guru via a watery rashi, our companion species, the cetacea (dolphins and whales) beckon the humans to join them in wisdom.

Matters of the quiet and often invisible bridge-maintainers who persistently channel in the Light into Earth, such as those holding the beam in monasteries and those serving independently among the clairsentients do tend to gain a higher priority in the worldwide charitable agenda . Additions and extensions to cloisters are favored. More of the great but barely visible teachers are able to extend the scope of their influence during this blessed transit.

Guru gochara Meena * effect according to the Bhava receiving Guru as Guest for one year

Effects of samchara-Guru transiting 12 bhava

Within one's own personal world of fleshbody-home-relationships-work, a larger volume of insight opens the meditative awareness to spiritual guidance speaking through empathy, dreams, musical sound and artistic color. Guru-Meena develops the intuitive perceptions. Brihaspati expands the scope of affairs of whichever bhava He contacts during the transit.

Guru-Meena particularly teaches via ancestor spirits. Mirror-like lake-pond environments are favored (inner and outer) including lakes that form within oceans, lakes in the imaginative realms, and lakes in a bowl of water. Offerings of water are blessed.

  1. If Meena = bhava-1 * measured from Meena radical lagna or measured from Meena-Chandra * Brihaspati obtains temporary dig-bala whilst moving across the tanu-bhava-1. * More opportunities to develop the vitality and forward-moving life-force. Due to Guru-Meena's placid, cooling, kapha drishti upon tanu-bhava-1, the flesh-body can expand temporarily during this one-year transit, mirroring similar expansions in the matching emotionally sensitive astral plane-body and the mentally responsive etheric-plane body. The physical body size may expand due to availability of larger amounts of rich nutrient for the cellular structures and better protection against predators. One's attribute-cluster personality may temporarily embody the Guru-sponsored virtues of generosity, fertility, charity, wisdom, and jovial humor. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-1 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized. See also behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-1

  2. If Meena = bhava-2 * measured from Kumbha radical lagna or measured from Kumbha-Chandra * expanded availability of nutritious foods , wiser and more generous speech, richer production of songs and stories, expanded development of treasuries such as libraries, databases, and collections of worthy objects; fertility of the animal herds , greater knowledge of family lineage, history and languages, etc. All broadening and widening is experienced with a jovial appreciation of value. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-2 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  3. If Meena = bhava-3 * measured from Makara radical lagna or measured from Makara-Chandra * increased frequency of communication events. More business transactions , explanations, descriptions, instructions, trainings, publications, and team meetings. Expands the scope of all communications media, including writing. Broadens the size and diversity of the audience. Temporary increase in short-term travel events, conference attendance, seminars and short courses. Opens access to apprenticeships and internships. Content of the messages may seem more generous, inclusive, and guiding in nature. Expansive, theoretical Guru is less comfortable in a natural bhava of specific, practical Budha. During Brihaspati's transit via bhava-3, publications may announce doctrine, principle, or theory in a presumptuous, ponderous or pedantic style, emphasizing a philosophical perspective but perhaps lacking sufficient explanations or examples. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-3 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  4. If Meena = bhava-4 * measured from Dhanuzya radical lagna or measured from Dhanuzya-Chandra * More opportunities to enrich the home life, including expansion of the shelter, extension of the property boundaries, and cultivation of additional farmlands and fisheries. Activities of parenting, caretaking, and protection of the vulnerable are blessed and available nutrient is abundant. Marine environments, estuaries, and watery grounds may broaden as the seas expand. Schools of all kinds may multiply while multi-cultural tolerance increases in The homeland . Transportation options diversify and extend. Priests of the folk religion may conduct comforting rituals in one's home, particularly burials and building consecration. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-4 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  5. If Meena = bhava-5 * measured from Vrizchika radical lagna or measured from Vrischika-Chandra * Enhances the awareness of theatrical and political charisma, and calls attention to the brilliance of the children , including students and junior role-players or dramatic understudies. Creativity increases in matters of intuitive guidance and its theatrical expression. Scholars of telepathic and empathic sciences display their native genius. Politicians expand their understanding of the role of imaginative entertainments within the political process. Due to Guru-Meena's placid, cooling, kapha drishti cast from bhava-5 upon tanu-bhava-1, the flesh-body can expand temporarily but lustrously during this one-year transit. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-5 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  6. If Meena = bhava-6 * measured from Thula radical lagna or measured from Thula-Chandra * the scope of kapha-lymphic imbalance may expand due to availability of more indigestible toxins and more options for self-medication. The number of accusatory litigations, broken promises or unsatisfied contracts may increase. Even so, one's philosophical attitude toward temporary conflict may be warmly humanistic and tolerant of the faults of others. For physicians, a period a broad insight into multidimensional health science. Increases the quantity and diversity of unbalanced personalities in the daily narrative, particularly those reciting the liturgy of the victim. Expansive, broad-principle Guru Graharaja is less comfortable in a natural bhava of argumentative, detail-fixated Budha. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-6 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  7. If Meena = bhava-7 * measured from Kanya radical lagna or measured from Kanya-Chandra * More opportunities to develop the intuitive, telepathic sensitivities in context of relationships both business and personal. Expansive, inclusive Guru is less comfortable in a natural bhava of exclusive-contract Shukra. However the partners are astrally and etherically aware of each other . Multiple partnerships, numerous advisors, much consultation this year; yet existing partners might be less cooperative as they sense the erosion of exclusivity. Spiritual guidance easily available regarding the human-to-human alliances, promise-making, avowal. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-7 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  8. If Meena = bhava-8 * measured from Simha radical lagna or measured from Simha-Chandra * increases the number and frequency of identity-transforming events and occasions of receiving confidential information. There are more emergencies but they are easier to understand as spiritual forces which are emerging into the physical world. More opportunities for development of occult wisdom. Expansion of understanding of the unseen forces; greater tolerance for the sudden, the unexpected or the frightening. The insights predominate over rational apprehensions, and watery environments (ideally lake) are preferred for initiation ceremonies. One may be granted to vision to see the older civilizations hiding behind the current social order; to see the monasteries hiding behind a facade of deep lakes ringed with ancient forest. Baptism by oil (8) and water; christening; rituals of immersion. Secrets of the denizens of rivers, lakes, and ocean may be revealed . Discovery of life-force from sea-source, surprising potency. Generous conditions of watery rebirth. Occult bonds of understanding with cetacea. Guru will send drishti to 12-2-4 therefore if other factors support it, generous inheritance from the estate of the ancestors (12) family of origin (2) or parents (4). The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-8 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and their bhava being ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  9. If Meena = bhava-9 * measured from Karkata radical lagna or measured from Karkata-Chandra lagna * due to kapha drishti cast from bhava-9 upon tanu-bhava-1 which is the exaltation place of Brihaspati. Great expansion of the wisdom-teachings may occur when Guru transits His swabhava. More opportunities to engage in philosophical discourse with the sangha, more world travel, more theory, more understanding of humanistic truths in sacred teachings. Proliferation of professors , priests, proselytes, presbyters, preachers, popes, pater-nostra. Father-figures engaged in temple discourse or university theory, while generous in spirit and sincerely wishing to spread (Guru) their wisdom, may be prone to referencing the broader universe beyond Earth (Meena) offering teaching that are highly conceptual with other-worldly perspective(Meena). It is not so much high-minded as far-minded. Extrasensory perception is favored as a means toward wisdom and the study of sacred scripture may open the mind quite widely. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-9 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  10. If Meena = bhava-10 * measured from Mithunaya radical lagna or measured from Mithuna-Chandra lagna * The range of professional leadership and social reputation may expand due to increased availability of venues for public display of Guru-guidance capabilities. More public visibility, wearing many hats in career, multiple responsibilities. Excellent transit for Guru-types serving in guidance roles such as professors, preachers, and proselytizers, so long as they are willing to accept leadership positions. Guru brings sacerdotal activities into public institutions, particularly the ceremonial investiture of leaders and blessings offer to those of dignified social rank. Expands professional opportunities at the peak of the social pyramid. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-10 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  11. If Meena = bhava-11 * measured from Vrishabha radical lagna or measured from Vrishabha-Chandra lagna * More opportunities to develop the network of friendships. Economic expansion, temporary increase in profit, gain from products of the lakes and ponds, from preaching and professing, from university work, from divinations and dream interpretations. Multiple sources of marketplace income. Many friends from the home culture. Expansion of patriotic assemblies, fayres, and large gatherings near the lakes. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-11 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

  12. If Meena = bhava-12 * measured from Mesha radical lagna or measured from Mesha-Chandra * more frequent dreams and night visions may contain more philosophical wisdom. Great expansion of the imagination may occur when Guru transits His swabhava. Relationships with the ancestor guides and benevolent disembodied beings are enhanced and expanded. Dreams speak in symbols; creatures of the lake may arise to show the way and guide to the shore like ferrymen. Divinations such as dowsing, and still-water reading are favored. Opportunities for travel to distant lands may develop. More sanctuary spaces welcome the meditator, more secluded private artistic studio time, more research opportunities in the secluded laboratories, more invisible expansions of intuition and insight. More prayer, more sleep , more contemplation, more reflection, more ancestor guidance. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-12 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Meena are fertilized.

Naturally, if the transit of Guru via Meena occurs simultaneously with an important Vimshottari Dasha period of Guru raharaja, such as a Guru bhukti * particularly Guru-Guru swabhukti * then expansion and proliferation of scope is multiplied.

Will Guru's expansion attempts be successful?

That depends on Meena's role in the individual nativity (including the nativities of nations).


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