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Date Tables of Ingress-Egress Guru Transits * years 1900-2099

  1. transit samchara Guru via Mesha
  2. transit samchara Guru via Vrishabha
  3. transit samchara Guru via Mithunaya
  4. transit samchara Guru via Karkata
  5. transit samchara Guru via Simha
  6. transit samchara Guru via Kanya
  7. transit samchara Guru via Thula
  8. transit samchara Guru via Vrizchika
  9. transit samchara Guru via Kanya
  10. transit samchara Guru via Makara
  11. transit samchara Guru via Kumbha
  12. transit samchara Guru via Meena

12-year transit cycles of Blessed Brihaspati

Samchara * Gochara

Guru * Brihaspati


Kanya * Partha

Jupiter's transit through Virgo

ruled by Professor Budha

effects of samchara Guru-Parthya via 12 bhava

radical Guru-Kanya

Professor Budha master of data-details has an adversarial relationship to Professor Guru master of doctrine.

names for Kanya

the Wisdom of Service

Fertile Expansion of Service and Servitude, military and medicaments, arguments and litigation, ministries and agencies of help and assistance

Proliferation of laboring and remedy-seeking environments

Permission to Aid

Wisdom from the Most Humble


What is the typical duration of a Guru transit?

Brihaspati travels through approximately one rashi per solar year.

The transit endures for one year generally, unless Brihaspati expands the length of His influence via vakragati * retrograde motion.

How does Guru behave in transit via Kanya?


Sway-ambhu-nath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Shri Guru = first and foremost a multiplier-expander .

Wherever He travels, the Deva-Guru brings qualities of expansion, optimism, inclusion, non-judgmental embrace of variety, acceptance of diversity, open-mindedness, positive attitude, golden colors, multiplicity, abundance, providence, fertility, wisdom, generosity, and largesse.

However, Budha-ruled Partha Razi does not offer a particularly hospitable environment for traveling Professor Guru.

Brihaspati suffers a satru-graha adversarial planetary relationship regarding His younger colleague, Professor Budha.

Professor Guru is the master teacher of all deities. All graha feel either friendly or neutral toward theoretical, doctrinal, philosophical Brihaspati.

No graha sees Guru as an enemy. Therefore Budha implicitly respects Guru-preacher-teacher. However the generous, broad-minded and tolerant Professor Brihaspati sees the narrowly focused, detail-oriented, youthful, logical, ever-coupling and chatty Budha as an enemy.

During His transit via the Helping rashi of Parthayana, Gochara Guru-Kanya develops the understanding that Seva is the highest path and expands the most productive offering of ministry. Offerings of Seva are particularly blessed. Charity of intentional and conscious volunteer service is particularly welcomed during Guru's transit via Kanya.

During the year of His transit via Kanya, Brihaspati preaches in the venue of service to those unfairly treated, out-of-contract, unbalanced, victimized, polluted, or accused. Increasingly, also Professor Brihaspati sermonizes about service on behalf of the sick, exploited and downtrodden members of other species, both galactic and terrestrial.

Which environments is Professor Guru able to expand, inspire, or enlighten during His visit?

In Budha's logical-argument rashi of Kanya

The medical clinic, the pharmacy laboratory, the military strategy, the criminal defense, sites of exploitation and pollution, and the compassionate mission of aid to the disenfranchised become Professor Guru's preferred topics of lecture-presentation for the duration of this transit.

Yet Brihaspati 's teacher-preacher generosity can be exhausted and exploited by Kanya's endlessly detailed task-list of service duties.

Traveling Professor Guru temporarily expands the complaining, accusing, litigious qualities of Kanya

The Deva-guru can also develop the remediating, medical genius of Kanya, by expanding health knowledge and developing more compassionate medical treatment plans.

When Guru travels through Kanya, one's may receive further training in the skills needed for ministries of service.

Expanded philosophical development in the practice of making Medical, Military, and Ministries of Social Work

Guru expands the breadth and number of medicines and remediations, military expansions, legal defenses, accusations, slaves, addictions, mistreatments, and Ministries of Service

Brihaspati expands the scope of affairs of whichever rashi He contacts during the transit. Guru-Kanya particularly teaches via the unmarried and those out-of-contract, those currently being exploited and mistreated; via servants, employees, physicians, jailers, druggists, accusers; and the relatives of the mother particularly her younger siblings.

Laboring humanistic environments are favored (inner and outer) including factories, agricultural fields, jails, scenes of crime, places of exploitation, medical clinics, pharmacies and drug parlors, litigious and accusatory environments.

Guru expands International Ministries of Service

Guru's transit via Kanya Partha usually signals a significant improvement in international (Guru) understanding of the service professions

  • considerable increase in practical training for service personnel but also often an increase in the disproportionate, unbalanced conditions which necessitate the service

  • splendid transit for offering Seva in any time of life, any walk of life, any profession, any skill-set


Guru gochara Kanya * effect according to the Bhava receiving Guru as Guest for one year

It is called "selfless service" because during the offering of the service, the focus is directed entirely upon the customer, the client, the patient, the help-needing one, the disenfranchised or imbalanced one. In this environment of lifting focus away from ones own concerns and toward the concerns of another, a remarkable clarity of understanding takes place which is, as a cheerful byproduct, usually exactly the understanding that is needed to solve one's own problems.

This is why Seva comes so highly recommended by all sages. It is actually the most selfish possible decision because one is, during the service, receiving * for free * specifically targeted information. The knowledge one gains about the client's beliefs-and-behavior which can be seen by the wise one to be providing a precise matching answer to those questions about Self that one brings to the service practice.

Effects of samchara-Guru transiting 12 bhava

Within one's own personal world of fleshbody-home-relationships-work, a larger volume of doctrine opens the wisdom awareness to the ever-present availability of guidance when one is engaged in environments of service ministries and logical argumentation.

  1. When Kanya = bhava-1 * measured from Kanya radical lagna or measured from Kanya-Chandra * Brihaspati obtains temporary dig-bala whilst moving across the tanu-bhava-1. * Results = often quite favorable despite the occasional over-expansion of petty concerns with treatment protocols and logical correctness. * More opportunities to develop the vitality and forward-moving life-force. The flesh-body can seem temporarily rather mentalized during this one-year transit, mirroring similar expansions in the matching astral plane-body and the mentally responsive etheric-plane body. One may feel heavier, more solid, earthier and more mentally overworked than usual. The digestive mid-section of the body may take on extra weight, feeling bloated. The physical body size may expand due to availability of larger amounts of earth-elements entering the cellular structures. One's attribute-cluster personality may temporarily embody the Guru-sponsored virtues of generosity, fertility, charity, wisdom, and jovial humor. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-1 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-1

  2. When Kanya = bhava-2 * measured from Simha radical lagna or measured from Simha-Chandra * expanded availability of foods , wiser and more generous speech, richer production of songs and stories, expanded development of treasuries such as libraries of sacred teachings, databases, and collections of worthy objects; fertility of the animal herds , greater knowledge of family lineage, history and languages, etc. All broadening and widening is experienced with a jovial appreciation of value. Enrichment of the knowledge-content of the family lineage, and empowerment of the wisdom-content of the spiritual lineage. The analytical, logical, detail-organizing and critical behaviors of Kanya are expanded as these skills approach the content of the treasuries of language, history, and precious objects. The bank-savings account expands. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-2 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-2.

  3. When Kanya = bhava-3 * measured from Karkata radical lagna or measured from Karkata-Chandra lagna * increased number and frequency of communicative events. More development of business transactions , explanations, descriptions, instructions, trainings, publications, and team meetings. Expands the scope of all messaging media, including announcements and writing. Broadens the size and diversity of the audience. Temporary increase in development of itineraries for short-term travel, holiday tours, conference attendance, seminars and short courses. Opens access to skill-trainings, apprenticeships and internships. Vocabulary of the messages may seem more generous, inclusive, and guiding in nature. Expansive, theoretical Guru is less comfortable in a natural bhava of specific, practice-oriented Budha. During Brihaspati's transit via bhava-3, publications may announce a scriptural doctrine, principle of exegesis, or theory in a presumptuous, ponderous or pedantic style, emphasizing a philosophical perspective but perhaps lacking sufficient citations, explanations or examples. Kanya's specific content may focus upon complaints, accusations, reporting of pollution, or documentation of injustices. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-3 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-3.

  4. When Kanya = bhava-4 * measured from Mithunaya radical lagna or measured from Mithuna-Chandra * More opportunities to develop the home life, including expansion of the shelters, extension of the fences or property boundaries, and cultivation of additional farmlands and fisheries. Activities of parenting, caretaking, and protection of the vulnerable are blessed and available nutrient is abundant. Marine environments, estuaries, and watery grounds may broaden. Increased agricultural labor. Schools of all kinds, particularly the local extensions of great universities, may multiply while multi-cultural tolerance increases in The homeland . Transportation options diversify and extend; additional vehicles may be provided. Priests of the folk religion may conduct comforting rituals in one's home, particularly burials and building consecration according to the ancient doctrine. Kanya is concerned with the laborers who sustain the settlement and the production of medicines from the cultivated fields and harvested forests. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-4 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-4.

  5. When Kanya = bhava-5 * measured from Vrishabha radical lagna or measured from Vrishabha-Chandra lagna * Enhances the awareness of theatrical and political charisma, and calls attention to the divine brilliance of the children , including eager students, junior role-players or dramatic understudies. Creativity increases in matters of expository philosophy and its theatrical expression. Scholars of world religions and theoretical sciences display their native genius via precise logical argumentation and proofs. Politicians expand their critical understanding of the role of entertainments within the political process, particularly the appealing dramatization of narratives of logical analysis and broad encompassing scope of the reasoning process. Entertainments designed to appeal to the workers. Due to Guru-Kanya's expansive 9th-drishti cast from bhava-5 upon tanu-bhava-1, the flesh-body can expand temporarily during this one-year transit. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-5 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-5.

  6. When Kanya = bhava-6 * measured from Mesha radical lagna or measured from Mesha-Chandra * the scope of misalignment may expand due to availability of more indigestible toxins and more options for self-medication. The number of accusatory litigations, broken promises or unsatisfied agreements may increase during this year. Even so, one's philosophical attitude toward temporary conflict may be warmly humanistic and tolerantly aware of the faults of others. For physicians, transiting Guru creates a period a broader insight into multidimensional health science with a special interest in diet and digestion . Optimism for positive health outcome and expansion of the range of options within the medical treatment plans. Pharmacy and medicaments are wisely compounded. Increases the quantity and diversity of unbalanced personalities in the daily narrative, particularly those reciting the sacrificial liturgy of the victim. Expansive, principled-in-perspective Guru Graharaja is less comfortable in a natural bhava of narrowly argumentative, detail-fixated Budha. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-6 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-6.

  7. When Kanya = bhava-7 * measured from Meena radical lagna or measured from Meena-Chandra * Guru is lagnesha. Brihaspati brings the personality more emphatically into the realm of agreements and pairings during this transit. More opportunities to develop acts of charity, generosity, and wisdom in context of service relationships both business and personal. Expansive, inclusive one-to-many Guru is less comfortable in a natural bhava of one-to-one exclusive-contract Shukra. However the partners are expanding their inclusiveness of perspective even while they are maintaining exclusivity of contractual terms in the committed relationship. Multiple partnerships, numerous advisors, much consultation with peers during this year. Divine wisdom easily available regarding the human-to-human alliances, promise-making, avowal. Expansion of the acts of pairing and partnership within a context of compassionate service. Every question has an answer, if only the question would be asked. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-7 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-7.

  8. When Kanya = bhava-8 * measured from Kumbha radical lagna or measured from Kumbha-Chandra * samchara Brishaspati increases the number and frequency of identity-transforming events and occasions of receiving confidential information via medicine, military, or ministry. There are more emergencies but they are easier to understand by analysis of the data. Enlivened teachings from hidden sources are emerging into the physical world via logical inquiry. More opportunities for development of occult wisdom. Expansion of perspective regarding the unseen forces; greater tolerance for occurrences of the sudden, the unexpected or the frightening. Increased prognostication. For surgeons, midwives and emergency-responders, more resources and positive outlook permit a greater scope of action. Clinical medical, service labor, or virginal unmarried environments are preferred for transformative sacraments or initiation ceremonies. One may be granted the vision to see the eternal divinity hiding behind the fleeting reality; to see the cosmic initiation ceremonies hiding behind a facade of modern occult text-and-context study circles. Baptism by oil (8) and water; christening; rituals of immersion. Magnificent secrets of seva may be revealed . Discovery of life-force from gold, surprising potency. Generous conditions of earthly rebirth. Occult bonds of understanding with the Naga Kingdom. Brihaspati sends drishti to 12-2-4 therefore if other factors support it, potential for opening of a generous inheritance from the estate of the ancestors (12) family of origin (2) or parents (4) albeit often some accompanying litigation (Kanya conflict). The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-8 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-8.

  9. When Kanya = bhava-9 * measured from Makara radical lagna or measured from Makara-Chandra * More opportunities to engage in philosophical discourse with the sangha, more world travel, more theory, more understanding of humanistic truths in sacred teachings. Proliferation of professors , priests, proselytes, presbyters, pontiffs, preachers, popes, pater-nostra. Father-figures engaged in temple discourse or university theory, while generous in spirit and sincerely wishing to spread (Guru) their wisdom, may be prone to expressing the doctrine via philosophical reasoning particular the logic of language. It is not so much high-minded as human-minded.Plethora of students in the halls of theological, ideological, theoretical learning. Logical argumentation is favored as a means toward wisdom and the careful exegesis of sacred scripture may open the discussion quite widely without constraint from custom or superstition. Due to Guru-drishti cast from bhava-9 upon tanu-bhava-1, Professor Brihaspati may spread the physical body dimensions particularly in the digestive areas. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-9 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-9.

  10. When Kanya = bhava-10 * measured from Dhanuzya radical lagna or measured from Dhanuzya-Chandra * Guru is lagnesha. Brihaspati brings the personality more emphatically into the realm of public visibility and leadership responsibilities during this transit. Development of the enlightened contributions toward the maintenance of the social order. The range of professional leadership and social reputation may expand due to increased availability of venues for public display of Guru-guidance capabilities. More governance duties, "wearing many hats" in career, multiple responsibilities. Excellent transit for Guru-types serving in guidance roles such as professors, preachers, and proselytizers, so long as they are willing to accept leadership positions which argue for the maintenance of the social order . Brihaspati brings sacerdotal activities into the governing ranks of public institutions, particularly the ceremonial investiture of leaders. Micro-detailed sermons providing many examples of the distinguished leader's regulatory plans. Expands professional engagement at the peak of the social pyramid. Kanya is particularly concerned with the management of criminal, diseased, misaligned and impoverished populations within the social order. The main strategy favored by Shri Guru is often ideological indoctrination. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-10 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-10.

  11. When Kanya = bhava-11 * measured from Vrizchika radical lagna or measured from Vrischika-Chandra * More opportunities to develop the network of interconnected friendships. Economic expansion, temporary increase in profitability, gain from products of the labor, from preaching and professing to members of the service class and those engaged in medicine or military professions, from university work and international aid networks. Multiple sources of marketplace income. Many friends within the university systems and global community , particularly those working with theory and doctrine. Expansion of scholarly assemblies, conventions, fayres, and large gatherings near the higher viewpoints. Expansion of the social network may include those in laboring and service roles. Charitable organizations develop the cause of animal welfare (Kanya). The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-11 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-11.

  12. When Kanya = bhava-12 * measured from Thula radical lagna or measured from Thula-Chandra * more frequent dreams and night visions may contain more philosophical wisdom. Great expansion of the imagination yet the vision is specific and detailed; one may envision complete logical arguments or detailed work plans. Enhanced and expanded engagement with ancestor guides and benevolent disembodied beings who are laboring to bring forth a greater ministry of service on Earth. They engage in bridge-building, way-showing service with the native. Dreams may reveal new medications and protocols for healing service. Spirits may preach using symbols that guide one's faith in the wisdom of service. Spiritual guidance from humble, unpretentious servants who show the way and guide to the shore like ferrymen. Divinations followed by analysis are favored. Opportunities for travel to distant lands may develop; the goal of these travels is typically compassionate service. More sanctuary spaces welcome the meditator, more secluded private artistic studio time, more research opportunities in the secluded laboratories, more invisible expansions of intuition and insight. . Greater presence of a reflective component in scientific thinking, more sleep, more dreams, more astral travel, more contemplation, more inner guidance toward large-scale inquiry. The scope of each individual graha residing in bhava-12 is expanded by contact from gochara Guru, and the bhava which are ruled by graha-in-Kanya become fertilized. See also the enduring behaviors of radical Guru in bhava-12.

Naturally, if the transit of Guru via Kanya occurs simultaneously with an important Vimshottari Dasha period of Guru graharaja, such as a Guru bhukti * particularly Guru-Guru swabhukti * then expansion and proliferation of scope is multiplied.

Will Guru's expansion attempts be successful? That depends on Kanya 's role in the individual nativity under consideration, including the nativities of nations, planets, and galaxies.

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