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Drama and Song


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cinematic director, 'film noir' genre

psychological narratives of mystery, murder, crime, terror, anxiety, bondage, fear, hysteria, and loss of control


Alfred Hitchcock

fleshbirth Sunday-13-Aug-1899

fleshdeath 29-Apr-1980


Film Noir cinematic director + producer * 1899-1980 * Alfred Hitchcock

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Kala Amrita Yoga KSY * Ketu2-Rahu8


Mrigaziras * Mraga

  • Shil-Ponde.(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 80

"Unless other testimonies in the chart predominate to modify the effect of Mraga rising,

  • these people may be very unpleasant characters.

They are inclined to be misanthropic in their attitude toward life and people.

  • They seem always to see the worst side of people and of conditions.

They are suspicious of other peoples' motives

  • and even vicious at times.

Unless checked, these thoughts will lead to vicious action

  • and they can be quite dangerous to others whom they dislike.

Possibly this attitude is caused and aggravated by some permanent organic disability

  • which is usually the lot of those who are born with Mraga rising."

Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock
Distinctive features of the nativity

Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock 1970's









Chandra-yuti-Guru* typically a generous-sized fleshly figure

10th navamsha = ruled and occupied by Mithuna-Budha = communications, scripts, media industry, craft

Atmakaraka = Surya * drama, camera

Karakamsha = Meena * radix-11 = income, friends, awards, prizes, social network

Lord of Lagna= azlesha Zukra-3, beauty in communicative messaging, teams, ensemble, cooperation

Arudha lagna = bhava-5 drama * Kanya logistics, exploitation, illness * Mangala ruler-of-12 subconscious yuvatipathi-7 his wife Alma was his professional partner in the dramatic cinema enterprise

Shani in bhava-7 = durable marriage. ruler-of-12 subconscious imagery = Shani in bhava-7 * dig-bala

karmesha-10 Shani in 7 shows that his spouse's participation was structurally essential to his career.

No divorce due to Shani-7 , albeit much dalliance with leading ladies however they generally rejected him.

  • Surya in bhava- 3 camera , narrative via photographic image + Zukra-3 message-media about human-to-human relationships

Alfred Hitchcock by Jack Mitchell


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