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Reality - or Not?

Reality lacks objective existence, but it can still hurt!


from the Hubble Telescope

"Reality"a subjective projection

H. H. Dalai Lama. (2003, revised ed. 2009).Transcendent Wisdom

"Whatever good or bad things appear to us seem to exist from the side of those objects.

  • How do they exist?

If they exist from the side of the object, then, contemplating the basis of imputation ... we should see whether it is the object in question or not.

Let us take for example a physical object and examine its shape, color and so on to see if that object is to be found anywhere among those attributes.

  • If we do so, we find nothing that is the object in question.

If we take a person as an example, and inspect the individual aggregates that are the bases of designation of a person, we find that none of them is the person.

In that way we recognize that the imputed object is not to be found upon investigation.

Then if we contemplate how things appear to the mind , we see that they seem to exist from the side of the object, without dependence upon anything else. But when they are sought analytically, they are not found.

They do exist, for they can help or harm us.

  • But when pondering the manner in which they exist, we find no basis for the Assumption that they exist from The side of the object.

Thus, They exist by the power of subjective convention , by the power of designation.

When pondering the nature of existence, we find that entities are not found upon seeking them analytically. So they exist by means of conventional, conceptual designation.

The y do undeniably exist. But as long as they do not exist independently, from their own side, they must exist by the power of subjective convention. There is no alternative. An entity exists due to its being designated upon something that is not it."


14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso .

Answers: Discussions with Western Buddhists,

pages 31-32

"The doctrines of emptiness and selflessness do not imply the non-existence of things.
  • Things do exist.

When we say that all phenomena are void of self-existence, it does not mean that we are advocating non-existence, that we are repudiating that things exist.

  • Then what is it we are negating?

We are negating, or denying, that anything exists from its own side without depending on other things.

Hence, it is because things depend for their existence upon other causes and conditions that they are said to lack independent self-existence."


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