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Commerce and Material Economy


* CzechRep_since1993_flag.png

Fashion designer and model * Socialite

Entrepreneurial Businesswoman, home decor items

Mother and Teacher * Athlete, Coach, and Patron of Youth Sports

her second husband (of four) was


Ivana Zelnickova Trump

a.k.a. Ivana Z. Winklmayr

fleshbirth Monday-19-Feb-1949

"Ladies you have to be strong and independent. And remember: don't get mad, get everything."


real-estate magnate partner, homeswares televendora * 1949- * Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr Trump

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity


  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 97.

BPL commentary: For Vishaja natives, the condition of Guru considerably affects the outcome

"... delicate features and a soft pleasing voice.

  • But do not let these deceive you.

Underneath she has a strong character , even hard at times.

  • She will always follow her own inclinations

  • and is not amenable to advice from others.

She will be distinctly appealing to the opposite sex

  • and will make a very fortunate marriage.

Her husband will be well-to-do if not wealthy

  • and she will have few if any children, not more than two.

She will be fond of travel and change

  • and will travel much with her husband .

Her favorite color is red or crimson.

She has beautifully shaped legs."

Biographical events matched to the Vimshottari Dasha timeline

Budha Mahadasha * age birth until 12.1

19-Feb-1949 fleshbirth * Budha-Zukra period * Zukra lagnesha

Ketu Mahadasha * age 12.1 until 19.1

Zukra Mahadasha * age 19.1 until 39.1

1971 (age 22) Marriage-1 to Czech real estate agent Alfred Winklmayr * Zukra-Zukra swabhukti * R-K gochara Makara-Karkata contact navamsha Chandra-lagna

09-Apr-1977 (age 28) Marriage-2 to PEOTUS-45 Play to Win Donald Trump. Lavish society wedding * Zukra-Rahu period * Chandra ruler of navamsha-7 * R-K gochara Thula-Mesha contact radical R-K

31-Dec-1977 child-1 "Donald Junior" * Zukra-Rahu period

Surya Mahadasha * age 39.1 until 45.1

Oct-1990 decease of Father * Surya-Guru period * Guru pitrimaraka rules 2nd-from-Surya

1992 divorce-2 * Surya-Ketu period

Chandra Mahadasha * age 45.1 until 55.1

1995 Marriage-3 Riccardo Mazzucchelli * Chandra-Rahu period * R-K gochara Thula-Mesha contact radical R-K

Mangala Mahadasha * age 55.1 until 62.1

April-2008 Marriage-4 Rossando Robicondi * Mangala-Budha period * Budha rules navamsha * R-K gochara Makara-Karkata contact navamsha Chandra-lagna

decease of Mother

Prominent features of the nativity


Ivana Zelnicova Trump in 2015


Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

exchange between economically gainful Vriddhipathi-11 Surya and the yogakaraka bandesha-4 +vidyapathi-5 Shani . Produces financial wellness despite the social obligations, resistance and delays imposed by Shani-11

Her father was an industrial engineer and telephone-operator but more significantly he was a political-party representative

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

karmesha-10 artha = much dignity and recognition for the physical appearance + social personality- especially among women

Budha-ruled Chandra-Jyeztha

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Mangala in bhava-5



Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

Zukra- yuti-Budha

dharmesha-9 + ruler-of-12 Budha in bhava-4 = yuti dhanapati-2 wealth Mangala = Commercial business selling (Budha) home-decorator (4) items via the Home Shopping Network (Kumbha) on cable television (Kumbha)

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

Karakamsha * = Dhanushya-3 containing swakshetra abundant Guru = entrepreneurial business, writing, communications, sales, advertising, marketing, cohort * Guru in Dhanushya Karakamsha developed her own lines of clothing, fragrance, ornaments, and literature

According to wikipedia:,"Soon after her divorce from Donald Trump, Ivana signed on with the William Morris Agency and developed lines of clothing, fashion jewelry and beauty products that have been sold through television shopping channels, all massive successes. She has also written several books including the bestselling novels For Love Alone and Free to Love as well as the bestselling self-help books The Best is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again"

bhratrupathi-3 + rogesha-6 Guru in swakshetra, helps to alleviate some of the inherent troubles caused by Brihaspati for the Thula nativity. Supportive and humanistic family history.

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka


Shani rules 4 = lands, buildings, vehicles = in bhava-11 receiving drishti of Vriddhipathi-11 Surya and drishti of financial well-being -conserver dhanapati-2 Mangala = treasuries from a variety of revenue streams.

works hard to protect the integrity of the public reputation.

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

Rahu in bhava-7 expedient ambitious "marries up"

Rahu ambitious marriages bhava-7 Rahu's ruler Mangala in 11th-from-7th. Marriage becomes the platform for social mobility achievement.

Donald Trump's Jyeztha Chandra matches Ivana Trump's Rahu-Ketu navamsha Jyeztha-Vrishabha

marriages = 4. both Guru and Shani accept incoming drishti from Rahu

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Donald Trump . Mr Trump's Chandra-Vrizchika * nichha * comforted by rhythmic penetration of mystery = Ivana's navamsha nodes = strong passions and mutual ambitions.Ivana was working as a fashion model (1) for a Canadian furrier-clothier when her modeling-sales work brought her to a restaurant where, delivering an attractive fleshly appearance, she was invited to the table of the upcoming financier Mr. Trump.

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka


Donald Trump with wife #1 Ivana Zelnickova Trump in the 1980's



~~ 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotishi B. V. Raman

  • commenting on Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yoga

"A perusal of astrological literature bearing up ''Wealth" reveals clearly that

  • in order to become rich,

  • one should have in his horoscope combinations which comprehend a point of contact between lords of Lagna, 2nd, 11th, 5th and 9th.

Permutations and combinations of these lords give rise to

  • a stupendous number of Dhana Yogas "

"So Yeshua said to them, "The light is among you for a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you. The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going."

~~ Gospel of John 12:35


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