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Karma Bhava


toward the

12 Sthana

Regulation, Reputation, Respect, Responsibilities, Regard

  1. bhava-1
  2. bhava-2

  3. bhava-3

  4. bhava-4

  5. bhava-5

  6. bhava-6

  7. bhava-7

  8. bhava-8

  9. bhava-9

  10. bhava-10

  11. bhava-11

  12. bhava-12


From Razmnana Epic: A Hindu Ruler Enthroned c. 1610

from the British Museum


career, profession, public regard (10)

  • baselines, starting points (1)

  • body parts, birth (1)

  • original conditions (1)

  • physical manifestation of Being (1)

Body parts = structure = Bones, skeleton; knees, hips, joints, cartilage, ligaments

  • Beginnings of Government and Large Corporations

  • Birth of Leadership

  • Starting a Social Order, which unites people of various cultures and characters under a code of shared moral values formulated as Public Law. (The values and laws will vary from society to society, but whatever values a society chooses, the leaders must uphold their chosen laws.)

  • beginning of recognition from society; your physical appearance is well-known to the public (if Bhava-10 is strong)

Karma bhava = 2nd-from-9th

  • resources (2) produced by temples and universities (9)

  • resources (2) produced by world travel (9)

  • resources (2) produced by wisdom teachings and philosophy (9)

  • resources (2) produced by father (9) = Father's treasuries,

  • resources (2) produced by father-professor-guru-guide (9)

  • resources (2) produced by illness of the mother, servants of the mother, litigation of the mother (9)

  • resources (2) produced by grandchildren (9)

  • resources (2) produced by reports and announcements from partnerships and agreements (9 = 3rd from 7th) = for example,"Initial Public Offering" (IPO) of stock in a new business partnership

  • father's (9) Death (2)

  • death (2) of religious * worth-ship * worship (9)

  • death (2) of ritual communication with the spirits (9)

  • (Energy is refocused, away from psycho-spiritual consciousness of Bhava-9 and into human social consciousness of Bhava-10. Karmasthana shows when (if ever) the native is empowered to speak about his society's moral values and practice, gives authority to express the Law.

  • 10th-house signals " saturation" (2nd-from) with 9th-house matters such as speculative philosophical thought, late-night scholarly reading, etc. - and the move forward into social action.

  • Concrete expression of social leadership,

  • Estate of third spouse = marriage-2 wealth stored in bank accounts, hoards and warehouses, family history, knowledge traditions, cultural legacies, arts and music, joint assets in third marriage

  • mouth of the third spouse , including what goes in the mouth and what comes out of the mouth - food, language, verbal expression, and physical mechanisms of speech, face, teeth, tongue, lips, jawbone, hair, varieties of languages spoken by the spouse, spouse's verbal opinions (is your spouse-2 outspoken? bad teeth? inarticulate? gifted with languages? look to bhava-10)

  • family history of the third spouse - ," In-Laws ", spouse-3's entire extended family considered as a group

Karma bhava = 3rd-from-8th

Publication (3rd) of new scientific discoveries (8)

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein = nichha-bhanga Budha + uttama-Zukra in bhava-10

communicating about confidential or dangerous information;

social role involves holding secret or privileged information about the area for which one is responsible

Karma bhava = 4th-from-7th

Karma bhava = 5th-from-6th

  • your leadership gives hope and fortune to the poor, sick, and marginalized

Karma bhava = 6th-from-5th

  • Children's debt, illness

  • animosity/imbalance with and for your children; enemies of one's children * especially the eldest child

  • enemies of the mother of the 2nd spouse (6th from 4th from 2nd)

  • health/financial imbalance for eldest child;

  • debts of children (including expenses for public advancement such as children's education and health care; these are dignified debts.)

Karma bhava = 7th-from-4th

  • your public service creates important relationships for your ancestral family and home region

Karma bhava = 8th-from- 3rd

8th-from = an angle of Mangala = hidden, occult forces at work

In mid-process, the transformative power of 8 may be so dramatic that the situation appears to have been destroyed.

However, results of the 8th angle always produce rebirth . A phoenix will rise from the ashes.

Karma bhava = 9th-from-2nd

bhava-10 = artha = acquisition

  • speeches (2) at auspicious celebrations (9) - invited due to respect accorded the leadership duties (10)

  • knowledge (2) of the father (9)

  • original family kutumbha (2) of the father (9)

  • mother (4) of the second spouse (2)

  • fortune (9) in acquisition of treasuries (2)

  • however being 12-from-11th there can be reduction in economic income.

  • therefore the primary acquisition (2) tends to be less material and more dharmic wisdom (9)

  • generally fortunate (9) in the obtainment (2) of financial well-being but may have limited time (10) to use it because the duties of 10 can be onerous

Karma bhava = 10th-from-1st

  • respect (10) from athletes and warriors (1), the competitive and the dominant

  • respect (10)from independent individualists(1), innovators and initiators

  • respect (10)from those who give birth, beings who have bodies(1), those concerned with matters of the flesh

  • respect from those who can recognize one's physical form and attribute identity to it

Karma bhava =11th-from-12th

gains, profits and goal-achievement obtained:

  • from sanctuary enclosures
  • from the ancestors
  • from intuition and inner vision
  • from spirit guides and prayer
  • from distant lands
  • from dissipation of vitality
  • from meditation and retreat from materiality
  • from hotels, hospitals, prisons, beds, bedrooms, convalescence
  • from funerals
  • from dreams, imagination, reflection
  • from isolation, from imprisonment

gains, profits and goal-achievement realized through the 10th bhava are based in the 12th portion

Gains from reflective and prayerful meditation include spiritual direction to enact knowledge of the Law (10)

spiritual direction is produced by meditation time (11th from 12th = 10th) = greatest leadership achievements on Earth

which is enlightenment are seen in periods of vriddhipati-11 + ruler-of-12 , and the Karaka: Shani and Guru.

Success and Achievement gained from clear psychic intent, based in prayerful communication with the ancestral guides

  • Fruits of Meditation,

  • gains from clandestine relationships

  • Gains from clandestine relationships,

  • gains from foreign countries,

  • friendships and marketplace associations with foreigners and which native develops during tours of foreign lands

Karma bhava = 12th-from-11th

  • dissolution and loss (12) of the marketplace mobility (11) due to public leadership commitments (10)

  • Losses (12) to friends (11), loss of voluntary friendships due to the time (Shani) pressures of decision-making responsibility

  • dissolution and loss (12) of economic income (11) through demands of public dignity.

  • Compensation does come from other areas of the chart normally, but it is true that when Bhava-10 is very strong it is "lonely at the top".


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