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Bardo Mandala


Amza * Amsha

Yuga * Aeon

Units of Time on the Big Clock

time is energy that spins

see also: astrological ages (2160 years each)

the size of things


DharmaWheel8spokes.gif Time

Time moves in a circle

On Earth * Ea * Ki, time appears to move in a straight ray from start-point linearly to an infinite future. However, standing back from Earth a bit and gaining a more galactic perspective, it is possible to see that Time moves in circles.

There are start-points and stop-points along the circle. There are high points and low points on repeating frequency waves. However time itself is a circular pattern.

Time is alive. It moves within matrix-type architecture of crystalline networks of energy that have a more rigid, linearly structured appearance, but even these crystalline networks are composed of frequency waves which undulate on a cycle.

Harmonic of Four all cycles go in groups of four
Harmonic of Seven Dimensions layered by octave. Seven layers plus the sandhi bridge-ligature layer (oct = 8th) which connects the previous layer #7 to the subsequent layer #1.
Harmonic of Nine
Ishawashya Upanishad "O Almighty!

You are the infinite; the universe is also infinite!

From infinite the infinite has come out!

Having taken infinite out of the infinite, the infinite remains!

O Almighty!

May there be Peace! Peace!


Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda

"The Hindu scriptures declare that an earth such as ours is dissolved for one of two reasons:

The inhabitants as a whole become

  1. either completely good
  2. or completely evil .

The world-mind thus generates a power which releases the captive atoms held together as an earth."

~~ "The Tower" 1865-1939 W.B. Yeats "A truer image of the world, I think, is obtained by picturing things as entering into the stream of time from an eternal world outside, than from a view which regards time as the devouring tyrant of all that is."
Gospel of Luke, 21:19

"In your patience, possess ye your souls."

Lifetime of Brahma 360 Brahma days = 311,040,000,000,000 siderial years
Full cycle of all 12 astrological ages 25,920 x 12 = 311,040 Earthly rotations around Surya
number of Earth years required for Earth's spiral ga-lax-y *"Milky Way"* to transit one complete revolution around the bright core of its universe * Great Central Sun 230,000,000 years
An-nuna-ki who came from heaven to earth (ki) * arrival and onset of operations, genetic development, material colonization 250,000-200,000 BCE (extremely broadly approximately)
arrival of genetic missionaries from Pleiades * Pleyades and selection of the one single (of twenty available) humanoid variety which would be "seeded" with spiritual capability 98,000 BCE (very approximately)

Pleiades * Pleyades * Krittika * Kartikeya

begin the materialization of human societies in their barest structure, in a peaceful (Pacific) area of a much-less-watery Earth. Eventually these groups would develop and inter-connect into the core civilization of Lemuria. 48,000 BCE (very approximately)
35,000 until 15,000 BCE (approximately) Period of the Lemurian civilization.

Based in a geo-physically remarkable basin in the center of the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Lemuria consisted of a land mass that was projected upward from the ocean floor via a magma bubble underneath, while simultaneously the whole land-and-sea area was protected at its perimeter by an encircling ring of mountains that dammed the surrounding higher waters.

At the peak of Lemurian civilization, Earth's sea-level overall was 400 ft. lower than at present, and it was even lower within the basin of Lemuria.

15,000-10,000 BCE (approximately) onset The Big Melt Eventually the ice caps which had been absorbing one-third of Earth's water began to melt, the perimeter mountainous dams were bit-by-bit overcome with incoming ocean waters, and the underlying magma bubble also started to shift elsewhere.

Lemuria began to flood as it slowly, slowly, slowly sank.

Great Flood
Where are they now? Lemurians were a sea-going, fish-eating people with a genius for celestial navigation and construction of small, swift watercraft.

During centuries of acknowledged sinking, Lemurians in their boats went out and contacted other civilizations, often contributing their more sophisticated social organization and cultural developments to groups living in more isolated or primitive conditions. Their outreach included Sumerian civilizations and South Indian Dravidian civilizations, where Lemurian lore still informs ancient traditions, and where Lemurian bloodlines are considered to be the strongest.

Sumerian influence combined with other streams, including contributions from the latest edition of Atlantean civilization, eventually produced the famed series of Egyptian civilizations whose artifacts are admired worldwide today.

Lemurians also evacuated north, south, and westward via their small, nimble seacraft, across the oceans, to Alaska and Siberian land bridge, out to New Zealand and throughout Polynesia where even millennia later they retain their legendary excellence as star-reading mariners. A few stayed in the highest mountaintops of their homeland which became Hawai'i.

Yet while the genetic codes survived through mixing with other groups, the consciousness of the Lemurian core civilization had completed its purpose.

As the land mass almost completely disappeared under the waves, the wisdom of Lemuria's 20,000 year experience lapsed into a deep sleep.

period of the Atlantean civilization
number of civilizations birthed and self-destructed in the past 200,000+ years within the Earth


5 birthed
  1. pangea
  2. hyperborea
  3. lemuria
  4. atlantis
  5. us

4 self-destructed as their purpose was completed

1 (ours, now) at decision point * likely to split into high-low options

lengths of time for each civilization within the 208,000 time frame = not equal.

The first civilizations were was proportionally very long, with Lemuria of mid-length approximately 20,000 years duration; the present civilization is proportionally shorter.

length of a full pre-cess-ion "forward walking" through all 12 sectors =

25,920 Earth years = 1 Great Year = Precession of the Equinoxes

25,920 * 1 = 25,920

25,920 * 2 = 51, 840

25,920 * 3 = 77, 760

25,920 * 4 = 103, 689

25,920 * 5 = 129, 600

25,920 * 6 = 155, 520

25,920 * 7 = 181, 440

25,920 * 8 = 207, 360

25,920 * 9 = 233, 280

25,920 * 10 = 259,200

25,920 * 11 = 285,120

25,920 * 12 = 311,040

much of the information in this page is derived from the clear and detailed explanation provided in the 1932 article from East-West Magazine: "Astrological World Cycles" by Laurie Pratt


yuga cycle sub-period logic

Lemurian information from


Prague Astronomical Clock = "Orloj" at the Old Town Hall in Prague


Kala-chakra * Wheel of Time





Life span for a whole universe


solar years

= One Age of Brahma

Life span for our planetary system in its present form


solar years

= 1 Day of Creation

Equinoctial cycle

  • Equinoxes take 2000 years to move through each of the 6 rashi-axes


solar years

= 1 revolution of our Sun around its Twin

= 1 "Great Year" of Plato

Daiba Yuga

  • half-cycle, 'Arc' or "Electric Cycle"


solar years

= 0.5 Great Year

= 0.5 Equinoctial cycle

Satya Yuga


solar years

= Krita Yuga

Treta Yuga


solar years

Dwapara Yuga


solar years

Kali Yuga


solar years

= Age of Necessity




Zodiac of the Signs

starts at zero degree of Thula rashi

Zodiac of Constellations

starts at the point of Revati, which is called zero degree of the belt of constellations

Astrological Age 2160 years
Great Year 25,920 years = 12 x 2160 years (full cycle of all 12 ages in sequence)

Sun's ecliptic

Sun's apparent path around the Earth


Time when day and night are equal, all over the Earth

Precession of the Equinoxes

The movement of the Vernal-Autumnal Equinox pair, "backwards " through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. One full cycle of precession of equinoxes = 25,920 Earth years.

E.g., Earth's Autumnal Equinox currently occurs at about 10 degrees of Kanya in the Zodiac of Signs .

About 600 years from now, the equinoxes will ingress into Simha-Kumbha, then 2100 years after that, they will move into Karkata-Makara. Thus - regardless of the musical drama - the "Age of Leo-Aquarius " begins in about 600 years.

However, eons, ages, yuga etc. do not change in the space of one day. Each transition has a sandhi period. The Sandi that bridges the transition between age of Meena (receding now) and age of Kumbha (initiating now) is several hundreds of years in length on a linear time scale and its incursion pattern is irregular.

Lemurian records say that the age of Kumbha will begin first in those places which can light up the sky at night in their great cities. Kumbha rules electricity. This started happening in the great cities of (what would become) the First World during the late 1800's CE.

However of Earth's seven billion inhabitants, as of the onset of 2012 precession of the equinoxes, still 1.5 billion do not have access to household electricity. For those living in Third World conditions the age of Meena persists, with its particular difficulties for women due to Shukra ruling 3-8 from radical Meena. Shukra being yogakaraka for Kumbha lagna, the age of Kumbha is anticipated to bring much improvement for women who are indeed likely to become the dominant gender.

Grand Central Sun, Vishnu-navi, seat of Brahma

Around this great celestial pulse in the center of our universe, which is imagined as what is currently called a black hole, Earth's Sun and every other Sun (fixed star) in the universe is revolving.

Around a great celestial pulse in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which is also imagined as what is currently called a black hole, Earth's Sun and every other Sun (fixed star) in the galaxy is revolving.

Names for the Central Suns include:

  • Greek = Alcyone * Peace * brightest star of the Pleiades

  • Hindu = Amba * mother * sky

  • Sumerian-Babylonian = Temennu * The Foundation Stone *


  • Kimah * Immortal Seal or Type *

  • Al Wasat *The Central One *

Earth-World Cycle 1,728,000 years pendulum swing


2,000 years at maximum positive extreme

2,000 years at maximum negative extreme


2002 Chibolton UK cropland image with code circle * image anecdotally said to resemble Annunaki facial features

Recent landing 32,400 BCE * Hawk landing founded the Akesu civilization, famed as Paradise or Garden of Earth
Recent civilizations, some lore:


Atlantean Cross


Atlantis Memory Map

One of the Hoova-guided Akesu groups migrated to Ur and onward to Egypt. Another offshoot went to the Atlantean territory: Physical territory spanned modern-day Greece to modern-day USA. All civilizations of the world during this era 32k-BCE-untidharmesha-9 k-BCE were connected in a mosaic pattern.

32,000 BCE Altea *Altima * Atlantis first colonies established under guidance of Altea. Origins of Altea civilization begin at the end of previous Akesu period

the period of cooperative Altean seeding (genetic development) stretched over thousands of years, perhaps 12-17 thousand years, during the full civilization which lasted approximately 24,000 years in total. Cooperators included Hoova and Ashan.

The coterminous, coincident civilization of the colony of Mu was predominantly guided by Ashan. (Present day remnants in Philippines, Bali.)

There was a center in Ur, in Crete led by the Hawk, in the Bermuda Triangle area near present-day Bahamas (now submerged)

9,000 BCE Altea *Altima * Atlantis civilization ends with catastrophic sinking and mass death. After an extended period of dangerous experimentation with heavy-water (hydrogen technology) causing upheaval of the oceans, the destruction of earthquakes and massive flooding occurred "overnight".

Many were warned and many escaped, carrying their knowledge. As the Mediterranean "middle earth" zone filled with water, refugee intakes were created in Egypt and Ur (modern Iraq) Phoenicia, the previous mountain highlands of Crete, and Troy. By the time of 8k-BCE numerous rejuvenated centers appeared such as in Crete.

Following the collapse of Atlantean worldwide civilization, several centers were operational in Egypt, Sumer, and China for continuing some limited knowledge. Sumer and China were in communication mutually. However, most of the population worldwide was simple and very fearful, leading to punitive religious cults.

The Egyptian civilization then strengthened after taking many refugees, and a center was led by the Hawk now known as Horus. By the era of 4k-BCE both Sumer and Egypt had developed flourishing cultures, with guidance from brilliant leaders who were not born on Earth but rather arrived to instruct.

Famed teachers from this era include Horus (Hawk) and Tehuti, and Isis working in Ur. The Ur center flourished after the flood during era 6k until 3k-BCE. These teachers worked simultaneously in China and in South America. They were able via mental power to appear in these three central locations simultaneously and conduct teachings.

The great Pyramid and great Sphinx (distinguished from the many many pyramids and sphinxes spread throughout that civilization) were built by the guiding instructors from Altea, Hoova, Ashan, and Myrex.

The planning and instruction was done by the teachers but the work was done by humans. Construction began in 11k-BCE before the Atlantean flood. In the era of 5k-BCE additions were made and it was completed. Period of the construction was 6000 years, with numerous breakdowns and rebuildings. The two additional pyramids of the famed set of three were built as recently as 3k-BCE.

The famous great pyramids are multitasking structures. Within their chambers are certain cell rejuvenation healing locations. The also have a geodetic function in a triangulation for Earth-Mars-Moon flight patterns as it were. The agency of the ancient nocturnal Hathor civilization entered wielding control through intense desire.

Greek civilization inherited some vague memories of the Atlantean knowledge. Socrates and his scribe-interpreter Plato were significant channels.

Equinoctial points

  • zero degree of Mesha

  • zero degree of Karkata

  • zero degree of Thula

  • zero degree of Makara


the "beltway" seen from Earth

Sun's ecliptic = apparent path around the Earth = a circle so it has 360 degrees

Surya completes one circuit of 360 degrees in 365 Earth days (sunrise to sunrise)

each quarter is divided into three equal sections of 30 degrees, giving Surya's pathway around the Earth a total of 12 equal sections = 12 rashi signs

Surya's apparent beltway around the earth is considered to be * 16 degrees wide * because that is the "width of the belt" in which Earth people can see all the planets in Earth's solar system * Ra.

360 degree length of the ecliptic path is divided into four quarters = 90 degrees each

The four quarters start at:

  • zero degree of Mesha

  • zero degree of Karkata

  • zero degree of Thula

  • zero degree of Makara

One Daiba Yuga contains



Ancient Western Name

Satya (Krita) Yuga


Solar Years

Gold Age

Treta Yuga


Solar Years

Silver Age

Dwapara Yuga


Solar Years

Bronze Age

Kali Yuga


Solar Years

Iron * Earth * Age

Daiba Yuga total


Solar Years

As in the diagram below, a sequence of two Daiba Yugas creates a full precession of the equinoxes

  • the first yuga sequence from Kali to Satya is called"Ascending Cycle"

  • the second yuga sequence from Satya to Kali is called"Descending Cycle"

  • Two Daiba yuga cycles = one Precession of Equinoxes = 24,000 solar years

Below please see the widely used diagram from The Holy Science (published English version, 1949) by Swami Shri Yukteshwara Giri.

Copies of this diagram can be found in many places including the wonderful teaching articles from East-West magazine by SRF member Laurie Pratt (pub. 1932)


Shri Swami Yukteshwara Giri .(1894, 1949, 1990).

The Holy Science. Self-Realization Fellowship

A new Descending Cycle begins every 24,000 years when:

  1. zero degree of Thula rashi meets the "zero degree" of Constellations

  2. *
  3. Tara * Mata

  4. At the point of fixed-star Revati.

The most recent "high point" beginning of a Descending Cycle = started 11,502 B.C.

  • Descending Satya Yuga starting at 11,502 B.C. ran for 4800 years, ending in 6702 B.C.

  • Descending Treta Yuga started in 6702 B.C andran for 3600 years, ending in 3102 B.C.

  • Descending Dvapara Yuga started 3102 B.C., ran for 2400 years, and ended in 702 B.C.

  • Descending Kali Yuga (which runs in 2 back-to-back ages) started (descending) in 702 B.C. and ended (descending) in 498 A.D.

    • 498 A.D.= the rock-bottom of the 24,000 yr cycle when the Autumnal Equinox occurred at zero degrees of Thula

    Ascending Kali Yuga started in 498 A.D., ran for 1200 years, and ended in 1698 A.D.

  • The Ascending Dvapara Yuga started in 1698 A.D. and will end in 4098 A.D.

Tara=Mata -- upon this writing in 2008 A.D. ("anno dwapara" we are enjoying year 310 of the current dvapara yuga.)

David Frawley suggests that the proportional sandhi transition or "ligature" periods allow one yuga to segue somewhat gracefully into the next. Adding the sandhi periods to the yuga calendar, the result provides a good map of modern memory, from the Egyptian Kingdoms of 2100 BCE forward to the present era 2000 CE.

Kali (black, iron) periods whether ascending or descending are notably difficult, characterized by war and ignorance albeit improved in good yuga and times of extreme misery in double Kali-Kali.

Present sub-periods (honor to David Frawley)





Satya (Krita) Yuga

4800 yrs

Starts in 12,000 BCE

7200 BCE

Treta Yuga

3600 yrs

Starts in 7100 BCE

3500 BCE

Dwapara Yuga

2400 yrs

Starts in 3400 BCE


Kali Yuga

1200 yrs

Starts in 900 BCE


12,000 yrs

The next "high point" of perfect balance occurs in 12498 CE, when the Autumnal Equinox becomes zero degree of Thula = fixed star Revati, again. Rock Bottom

  • The "bottom of the barrel" in terms of human quality of life, worldwide, would have occurred in the centuries immediately before and after 500 C.E.

  • Tara = Mata

The Grand Central Sun resides at the center of our universe. (There are countless numbers of universes.)

The Grand Central Sun is the magnetic heart of Divine Love in the universe.

Earth's Sun and all fixed stars revolve around it.

  • The "bottom of the barrel" in human history is the point where Earth's Sun, which is busy traveling its 24,000 yr orbit around the Grand Central Sun, has reached the farthest point *away* from the Grand Central Sun.

  • The point in dead center of the two back-to-back Kali Yugas is the absolute coldest most hopelessly love-starved nadir of Surya's awful distance from the Great Sun.

24 over-seer civilizations

in physicality

each variety of physicality has a reality-frequency 'speed'

each of the 24 have sub-civilizations


Altea "that holds up the world" * Atlas * Zeus
  • 144,000 beings
  • primarily a mental force
  • they are all the same size, with a pale iridescent appearance. They have no hair.
  • Not divided into male-female. One gender only.
  • First seeders of Earth human civilization.
  • directors of the era of Atlantis civilization on Earth
  • their planet = 52 times size of Earth
  • Altea galaxy = 50 million light-years distant from Earth's galaxy


  • 5,000,000 beings
  • average lifespan 1-million years in their time-frame (not same as Earth time frame; their time goes faster because they are less dense)
  • speed = 56 times speed-of-light
  • they are smaller stature than Alteans. Dark skin and straight, dark hair. Earthling-like appearance in general but small profile.
  • They have three genders.
  • among the original seeders of Earth humanity; three subsequent re-seedings
  • creators of the Hebrew civilization on Earth, deity * Jehoovah
  • arrived in Sumer
  • their planet times 16,000 size of Earth

Spectra works under Hoova

Ashan * Asjan

  • they are the astral-emotional muses who created art, beauty, music
  • do not resemble Earthlings
  • Ashan are creators of the Phoenician * Fenicians and the Scandinavian civilizations

Mu works under Ashan


  • they are healers, health-improvers

Ancore works under Aragon


Mora-Triomne works under Myrex


  • Zeneel is the color-energy alchemist
  • do not resemble Earthlings

Zeemed work under Zemeel

Zenthorp work under Zemeel



"lenticular cloud formation" Mount Shasta, California


How Readings Work * Sample Gem Recommendation Report * Seva

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