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Amsha * Amshaka


Resistance, Impediment

Vocabulary for Argala

Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

german cognate = argern , to annoy, to frustrate, to block

Argala =

  • A wooden bolt or pin for fastening a door or the cover of a vessel

  • A bar, check, or impediment

In Jyotisha,"argala"

Starting in any bhava * house:

A graha or bhava which occupies the 2nd, 4th and 11th bhava from that lagna-bhava,

  • is traditionally assigned a significant power of impeding or blocking the expression of the matters of that bhava * house.


  • provides "positive impediment" , facilitation , to matters of the house.


  • imbues "negative impediment" , restriction , regarding matters of the bhava.

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